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Friend's Family Member Needs Your Help

March 26, 2014

My dear friend's family member is having a double Mastectomy and is allergic to typical medications for that particular surgery. Please pray God guides the hands of the medical staff and helps her through this difficult time. We need more prayer warriors to ensure her healing. God listens.

Friend sickness

February 24, 2014

My coworker's wife has been sick for almost a month. Please pray for his wife who is sick, and also for his strength through this hard time

Direction, Purpose, Encourgement

March 20, 2014

Prayer for Wisdom,Direction, Purpose, Accomplishment, encouragement...righting discouragement, failure. I want to write a thanks that I've been feeling His Love and value.Praise God

God's peace and guidance

March 16, 2014

My landlord told me on Friday that he needs me to move by the end of April. I am a DCPS teacher and the stress of moving at this time of year will be very difficult. Having lived in Jax only nine months, I just can't imagine doing this along with teaching ~ the stress of FCAT for my students is approaching quickly, the end of April and early May. I trust God will provide as He has so many times in the past for me, and I just want to focus on seeking His will and to understand the plan He has for me to do whatever it is that I need to do.

Need Prayers

February 24, 2014

Today my 21 year old son left for the army. I have not had this kind of heart ache since my mom passed away 4 years ago. My son and I are so close. Just a little while ago I received a text from him saying " he was looking out at the sky and the clouds were in a shape of a dove" I told him..." God opened his eyes at the very moment for him to see that. And to be at peace, that was a sign from God and your granny telling you everything will be ok. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers. God Bless!

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