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February 02, 2015

Please..Please.I have been in tremendous pain.Some day's all I do is cry.I was hurt 7 long months ago.Every second of every day It is so painful.pain meds do not work .I have seen five Doctors,injections,neurosurgeons,No one has given me hope to a resolution.Ican hardly walk my spine hurts so bad,My neck is stiff and painful.Please.I will try again today to go to Orthopedic route.I need my life back.Our home has not been paid for since July.My husband used the mortgage money to pay for injections,and insurance.I feel spent I fight for hope each day,I cry to GOD and ask Jesus..And I still hurt.I really feel like the battle is too long.I am a fighter..my whole life in fact.I have lost friends because I choose to Believe..I need doors to open for healing.I need my life and abilities back.

Sons baptism

February 01, 2015

We are having baptisms at church and son was Desired to be baptized he didn't go through And I'm hurting because of it please pray his eyes Will be open to the importance of this decision

healing of being paralyzed

February 01, 2015

My mom became paralyzed over 4 years ago from an infection in the spine....and has had ups and downs since....now fighting a pressure sore....needs total healing of her body...

Pray for me today

January 29, 2015

I am asking for your prayers, I have too much pressure on me because of my job.I am an agent in training and they are asking to get more clients.Please pray that the Lord will give me customers and pray that the Lord will give me a new job as well .I have PTSD and this is not good for my condition.Please pray that the Lord will give me grace and mercy.Please pray for my mom too who has a lung cancer and now dealing with the pain of the results of the chemotheraphy. Thank you if you pray.God bless you.

Pray for Healing and Strength

January 28, 2015

Please pray for my best friend's dad who is having surgery for the cancer in his esophagus. It's a pretty serious surgery that may have complications and may result in time in the ICU. PLEASE PRAY THAT HIS BODY AND MIND ARE STRONG. Please also pray for the family. Thank you very much.

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