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Very important meeting Monday

October 03, 2014

My husband has a very important meeting on Monday morning to see if he will retain his job or if he will lose it. Like most families, with his income being the majority of our income, the loss of his income will be devastating. Please pray that things go well and that we able to make it through whatever the outcome together. We have already been on shaky ground.

Need prayers for my brother

October 02, 2014

I need your prayers for my brother, He just found out that he has testicular cancer. In the research I have done, this type of cancer does have a high survival rate, however, since my family has a long history of cancer, we are still very worried. I know how the power of prayer works and we could use yours.


October 01, 2014

Need prayer for my marriage. My husband has served me with final divorce papers. Need a miracle from our Heavenly Father to turn this around. Want His Will done in my marriage.

Prayer Request from one of my Dear Friends :)

September 30, 2014

hey girl, I need a favor I have got some friends that really needs to be prayed for. his name's Jonathan Bennett. him and his wife were only married a couple of months when he found out he has stage 4 melanoma cancer. he's been fighting the cancer for a couple years now and has a baby girl who is just a few months old. right now he is fighting for his life and needs a miracle. He is like a brother to me. So please pray for him. Thanks so much.

financial need

September 27, 2014

Please pray GOD opens a door. I don't have the money to pay my rent this month. I lost my 2ond job that was paying over half of my rent b/c of being scheduled at my primary job on my regular days off (the days i was at the 2ond job). Since losing the other job, the hours at my primary job have decreased. I have depleted my savings & am on the verge of losing my apartment. I don't have the money to move or get into another apartment. I don't have any family & will be homeless if i lose this apartment. I was hired at an another job, but the hours conflict w/ my primary job that carries my health insurance. Having some medical problems i can't afford insurance anywhere else. Please pray for a miracle for October's rent & for another job that doesn't conflict w/ my primary one. Thanks so much. GOD bless

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