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5 day Bible Club

August 01, 2014

Please pray with us for our 5 day Bible Club starting on monday Aug 4 until aug 8 ,pray for God's protection for the kids who will come,for the teachers,for the home host, parents and workers.please pray for the salvation of the kids and their parents.May the lord be glorified thru this.

How to proceed with broken marriage

July 31, 2014

HI, I need help determining how God wants me to proceed with my "marriage". Due to my choices, my husband and I separated 3 years ago. Through God, I have since changed my ways. I have done everything and more trying to reconcile, but he has yet to make "us" a priority in his schedule or allow me to come back to our home. We have a son together. My "husband" dictates the time that I have with him. The situation has not changed much in the past 2 years and my son is getting older. I don't want to teach him that this is what a marriage looks like. I know God doesn't like divorce, but our relationship is is not honoring to Him either. My "husband" and son have been out of town for what will be 2 weeks. Please pray that during this geographical separation will God will speak to our souls as to how and/or when to proceed with this "marriage". Thank you.

Granddaughter in the street

July 30, 2014

Hello, my 16 year old Granddaughter was living with my Mother. She and my Mother were very close and my Granddaughter was a great help to her. My Mother fell and broke her hip almost a year ago and is now able to drive again. She insisted my Granddaughter take a job which she did and since she has been working at a resturant my Mom has been on edge and I believe she is missing the "help" however she would never give in and actually say that. She asked my sixteen year old Granddaughter to get out yesterday and she does not want to come to where I live because she will not be able to graduate with her class and I am living with my daughter and helping her with her 2 year old as my daughter is going through surgeries for illnesses and she lives in south florida which is a bad place for a teen. Please pray that my Mom will reconsider and take her back. She is not into drugs just a normal teen.


July 29, 2014

I feel so bad and I am afraid my cancer has come back


July 28, 2014

please help me pray for those that are infected with the EBOLA virus in Liberia and other African countries..Portection for all health care workers and those who are not yet infected.May the good Lord guard them all.

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