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prayer for a friend

April 24, 2015

Please pray for my friend Amanda. Her 15 year old son has been skipping school and hanging with the wrong crowd. She suspects he is experiencing with drugs as well. His father has never been around and she is a single mother with no help. She is desperate for help and isn't financially capable of getting the help he really needs. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Surgery Financial Peace

April 21, 2015

Please pray that I will have peace, stay strong, and not get weary, from all of the unexpected financial stress that my surgery, on April 30th, is costing me. I am a single woman that works between 65-70 hrs a week, between my full-time and part-time job. I thought I had medical insurance at my part-time job, but come to find out, it is only a medical payment plan. Therefore, I have to pay all of the hospital cost myself. I have already paid over $5,000 out of pocket just for the doctor doing the surgery, the anesthesiologist, and a down payment to the hospital. Then, yesterday I received another unexpected bill for $600, from my pre-op appointment last Tuesday. I will be out of work probably 4 weeks, from my full-time job, and 6-8 from my part-time. I have always worked hard, and it was over 28 yrs ago, when my youngest daughter was born, since I have missed that much work. I am just feeling overwhelmed right now. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

son, Michael

April 20, 2015

Please pray for my son, Michael, 15 yrs He has a friend A. whom he has known since grade school and they are now in 9th grade. This friend, A is a bad, bad influence on him and I have asked my son, M to disconnect and make new, Godly friends otherwise he will be lead down the destructive path. My son, Michael has been baptized and knows right from wrong, but when we care as a parent and A's parents don't care about what he does, it's a revolving cycle. My son grew up with Godly upbringing since he was a newborn. Please pray that God will lead Michael back to right path and continue to strengthen his wisdom and judgemental decisions throughout high school. Peer pressure is a beast alone. My younger son whom is 13 asked his church group leader to pray for his brother yesterday because this friend, A is a bad influence, with tears streaming down both our eyes... Just heartbreaking. I believe in prayers, have faith and trust God's got this, especially when we come to the Now What? I know God isn't far away from leading my son back on the right path. Thank you and may God continuing blessings upon you prayer warriors. m

Son in Prison

April 06, 2015

Please pray that my son Michael that he will receive a lower security level so he will be transfered out of the Max 5 prison he is in. His charge is a non violent charge and he is in a dorm with many violent people. Please pray for his safety as well and that a job will come available with the chaplin. God has been moving in his heart and He said he did accept him as his savior. I know God answers specific prayers so thank you for joining me in praying for him.

Prayer for Healing

April 01, 2015

My stepson has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for his healing.

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