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A job for spouse

June 26, 2014

Please pray for my spouse to become employed with the right job from God. Thank you. God bless you!

Prayers for my daughter and Grandson in ongoing Custody issues

June 23, 2014

Calling all prayer Warriors!!! I need your help again! Without going into the specifics I must ask for your spiritual support again by asking you send up your prayers for my daughter Samantha and my Grandson Haiden and their extended family in Georgia, during these ongoing custody issues. Haiden has been in Sam's care continually the last year and a half, and very happy and flourishing I might add, his biological father wants to see him now after a year and a half of no contact and I want your prayers that God makes sure this is handled in a way that keeps it from being detrimental to Haiden's physical and mental well being. I do feel it is very important for Haiden and his biological Father to be in each others lives, I am not in any way against Haiden being reaquainted with him, I just want to be sure it does not happen in a way that undoes all of the hard work and time Sam has put into helping Haiden adjust during this custody situation. Please pray for God's guidance for Sam and Mitch, and for both theirs and Haiden's continued happiness and mental and physical well being!!! Also please pray for Mitch's parents who have lovingly and generously given their financial support, time and energy to fight for what they felt best for Haiden! I have never known two more generous and caring people to take on such a responsibility of a child that is not even their biological Grandchild, but a Granchild by choice that couldn't be loved more if their blood was flowing through his veins. I was not in a situation to take the financial burden of this and Sam had no where else to turn but her boyfriends parents who have been a blessing from God! Thank you so much for all the prayers the last time I asked, and a huge thank your for your continued prayers now! Great things really do happen when I call upon your help! Gratefully, Sandy

financial difficulty

June 23, 2014

Husband has been in Colorado for a commision based job and has not been doing well there. I work but only make enough to cover electric and other incidentals. 2 incomes are needed so that we can pay our mortgage and buy groceries. He hasn't been working in a couple of weeks and our money was starting to run out so we took a leap of faith and flew him to Colorado based on a job opportunity he received promising he would make some money. He's been in Colorado for over 2 weeks and has made a little only to cover living expenses while there. They keep telling him that the money is there but it looks so bleak. We just don't know what to do. We are broke and hope that at the very least if it doesn't work out he will be able to have enough to get home. Please we are in desperate need of prayer.


June 16, 2014

This weekend the man that I love very much said he needs to move on. He is not in love with me. After almost 2 years. With my heart heavy I wished him well and hope he finds who is it looking for. I surrender this all in gods hands. As we were friends for over 19 years before we started dating. I've met a man that completed me more. It seems have of me is missing. Please pray for us. This was the hardest thing I've ever done. Let the love of your life go. God will heal.

pray for my twin brother Michael

June 14, 2014

CT scan revieled a 3cm mass in his abdomen

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