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Granddaughter in the street

July 30, 2014

Hello, my 16 year old Granddaughter was living with my Mother. She and my Mother were very close and my Granddaughter was a great help to her. My Mother fell and broke her hip almost a year ago and is now able to drive again. She insisted my Granddaughter take a job which she did and since she has been working at a resturant my Mom has been on edge and I believe she is missing the "help" however she would never give in and actually say that. She asked my sixteen year old Granddaughter to get out yesterday and she does not want to come to where I live because she will not be able to graduate with her class and I am living with my daughter and helping her with her 2 year old as my daughter is going through surgeries for illnesses and she lives in south florida which is a bad place for a teen. Please pray that my Mom will reconsider and take her back. She is not into drugs just a normal teen.

finacial aid

July 27, 2014

I need prayer that my employer allows me to get my pay check early. my truck needs to be repaired and after tomorrow I have to return my sisters car to her and I will not have away of getting to work. please pray for me that the Lord will open my employers heart and let me get my check early. otherwise I will have to miss work or see if someone can take me and that is a hardship for everyone. I know this prayer request might seem not as important to everyone or as serious as other request but it is important to me and I just don"t know what else to do as I have exahsted every other avenue. thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless you all.

Prayer for my fiancé to understand faithfulness and openness before marriage

July 24, 2014

My fianc and I are learning how to be more open in communication after he has cheated and lied to me about his past situations within our relationship. I moved across country to be near him and we discussed marriage before I got here. He has since cheated, and lied about it, and when I found out, I confronted him and he got violent, and I have felt so hurt from the loss of trust. I have forgiven him, but I am having an issue with trust. Because I moved from California, quit my job, put all my things in storage and made my way here, I feel so displaced and lost at times. He has a son by another woman, who just recently moved here as well to be closer to her son, and that seems a bit much because of the circumstances of him having full custody. I have been helping him with his son for over a year now, and because of all the things that has happened to this little one, I don't want to leave him (the son). We have been really working through a lot of issues, and I want to honor God in all that we do as well as rebuild our friendship. He has improved so much...by the grace of God and a lot of prayers, however, he is still entertaining relationships with other women secretly. please pray for both of us. Pray that God will cover me, and that I remember his sacrifice for me. And pray that my fianc lets go of the old man he use to be, and that the Holy Spirit continues to convict his heart to be stronger and more like Jesus. God never gave up on me, and I don't want to give up on him.

Wisdom and Peace of Mind

July 24, 2014

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. But we seem to be getting some roadblocks along the way. We along with our son are living with my parents and are very greatful for that. But now that our money is tied into this home and we've had so many roadblocks the uncertainty is becoming too much. If you could pray with us that The Lord would give us the wisdom to make the right decisions in these uncertain times and that he would give us the peace of mind to know that he is in control and whatever he has planned for us is better than anything we could have planned for ourselves!

Praying for the Truth

July 23, 2014

My 5 year old daughter has made allegations of sexual abuse by her uncle. I have filed a report with the authorities and an investigation has began. I feel as if my husband does not believe her and he wants to defend his brother. Please pray that the truth will be revealed, that my daughter will be emotionally okay, and that my marriage will not suffer through this process.

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