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My adult son is suffering from alcohol addiction and needs God in his life.

February 25, 2014

Father please hear the cry of a lost soul. I need you today to lift the urge to consume alcohol to feel comfort in my life. Please allow me to be one with your love and to accept your grace to free me from this addiction.

Friend sickness

February 24, 2014

My coworker's wife has been sick for almost a month. Please pray for his wife who is sick, and also for his strength through this hard time

Need Prayers

February 24, 2014

Today my 21 year old son left for the army. I have not had this kind of heart ache since my mom passed away 4 years ago. My son and I are so close. Just a little while ago I received a text from him saying " he was looking out at the sky and the clouds were in a shape of a dove" I told him..." God opened his eyes at the very moment for him to see that. And to be at peace, that was a sign from God and your granny telling you everything will be ok. Thanks for remembering us in your prayers. God Bless!

marital problem

February 24, 2014

A little over a week ago my husband of almost 21 years just told me that he is seeing someone else. I can't bear the pain and I know I have to let go and let God take it from here. I have forgiven him for what he has done and I want to save my marriage but he is not in the same place as I am right now. He says he truly loves me and wants to be there for me and the kids but his heart is somewhere else. It's torture for us both. I have kindly asked him to do the Godly thing and try and work with me on saving our marriage. I have prayed reigiously every day. I just think I need more support so I am turning to this prayer board because this is the hardest thing I have had to go through. Please pray that my marriage will be saved and in the meantime I will have the strength to do what God needs me to do for my husband and kids. Thank you.

prayer for healing

February 24, 2014

I am asking for prayer for my cousin this morning specifically for her 7 year old daughter named Carolina. They had to rush her to the hospital yesterday morning after 2 days of headaches and vmoiting non stop. When they got to the hospital they took her to have an MRI done and a tumor was found at the base of her brain and it was also affecting her spinal cord function. They scheduled her for the first possible surgery and that was at 8am this morning at Wolfons Hospital. During the night last night they had to put her on a ventilator due to she was unresponsive. her mother, my cousin, Tabitha is havinga hard time with all of this as are we all in the family so i ask that our extended promise family lift this child up in prayer that God may gide the hands of the surgeons at this time and that she will have a fast and uncomplicated recovery and that God will give her mom and dad the strength and courage they need to endure this. i claim proverbs 3:5-6 for them as i did for my own son when he was born with complications and spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the NICU so as a parent i know exactly what they are experienceing right now and the tremendous loss of control they feel. So please promise family lets lift them up to our Awesome and wonderful God during this time of need.

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