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Order, direction, peace, Wisdom

February 21, 2014

Been battling depression, anxiety, fatigue, and wanting to walk in hope, faith, love.. trying to fight for vision, purpose, life, and entering into the love of the Father..Help God! I need you and am calling to you..Thank you for all you do and have done.

need prayers

February 20, 2014

Please pray for my husband that God will bless him today, give him strength, courage and joy.He is in training for this month for a new job and at the same time having a new medication for PTSD so he is having a lot of stress and the effect of transition of the new medicine.Please pray that God will take care of him and give him the grace for the stress he's having .Yesterday he is not doing good mentally and physically so he asked for prayers.Please pray for TM.Thank you and God bless you.

Health issues

February 20, 2014

Please add my close friend Teresa & her sister Shy to your prayer list. Shy went into heart failure & only has 28% of her heart working. She left the hospital against doctor's advice b/c her son (Bradly) was released from jail from his 5th DUI & was driving her car. She has asked him repeatedly to move out, but he gets abusive & Shy is scared of him. Their brother (Marion) is coming down from NY & is going to force him to leave. Shy is afraid that Bradly might come back & harm her after Marion goes back to NY. Teresa survived a brain stem aneurysm in 2001. She has continued to live with multiple brain bleeds & complications. They are worried that the stress is going to cause another major bleed. They have another sister Pam. In April Pam will have been in a comatose state for 5 years from the same kind of brain bleeds. Thanks you so much for your prayers! Also please pray for Chris's Dad. He is having a triple bypass today. One of his arteries is 100 % blocked & the others are 78% Thanks so much!!!!!!


February 20, 2014

I have been dealing with anxiety for several years, but it gets worse when things happen and in Aug/13 after working for a Christian school/church I was told "it isn't going to work out. No explanation given and my family was just kinda pushed to the wolves. But the one thing I said when I walked out of the room was My God is going to take care of us! And He has but I sometimes get down and severely depressed! I pray for God hand over me.


February 19, 2014

Thank you for praying for my Granddaughter who has been hooked on heroin for over 3 years. She was incarcerated and seems to be doing a bit better but she is scheduled to go to court again on Thursday the 20th. She spent sixty two days in jail for stealing for her habit. She has been with her three year old child since Thanksgiving and I have seen some postings about God on her face book however I also see the people who are still involved in drugs on there trying to "hook up" with her. Please pray that Gods will be done at court on February 20th. I want His will above ours. He knows best and knows her heart. Love prayers and blessings to all of you who are praying. Her little girl who is my Great Granddaughter is living with her and they are both living with her other Grandparents. This is all in Gods hands.

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