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Issue of Blood -need healing

October 04, 2014

I need healing please. I am at my last straw. I have run a fever every day for two years! The doctors assumed that it was one of the cancers, but now even that has been ruled out. So now it is just called "a chronic virus". It keeps me home bound and feeling lousy every day. I have spent so many years being sick, and am 50. The isolation makes me feel like I'm crazy. I don't have a big family or support system. It would be so helpful just to find an answer!

prayer for Syria

October 03, 2014

Please pray for the Kurdish people of Kobani, Syria, who are surrounded by ISIS fighters on three sides, preparing to massacre them. They have been fighting valiantly for months, asking for assistance from the US and other countries, and little help has come. Ask God to protect and defend them with his Spirit, His arm, and legions of angels. Pray that the plans of the enemy will be confused and confounded, and that they will fall at their own hands. Pray that a Saul- to- Paul conversion would occur among them, turning them from the path of destruction and death, to light and life and the glorious revelation of Christ. Pray that the world and, especially, our nation's leaders would have God --given wisdom to act mercifully and forcefully to protect the people of Kobani

Very important meeting Monday

October 03, 2014

My husband has a very important meeting on Monday morning to see if he will retain his job or if he will lose it. Like most families, with his income being the majority of our income, the loss of his income will be devastating. Please pray that things go well and that we able to make it through whatever the outcome together. We have already been on shaky ground.

Need prayers for my brother

October 02, 2014

I need your prayers for my brother, He just found out that he has testicular cancer. In the research I have done, this type of cancer does have a high survival rate, however, since my family has a long history of cancer, we are still very worried. I know how the power of prayer works and we could use yours.


October 01, 2014

Need prayer for my marriage. My husband has served me with final divorce papers. Need a miracle from our Heavenly Father to turn this around. Want His Will done in my marriage.

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