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Marriage in Crisis

November 18, 2014

My husband and I met as sober alcoholics. I have stayed sober for 7 years. He relapsed after 5 and ever since our marriage has been in shambles. He has lied, cheated, and stolen from me. We have a 7 month old son and he has two children from a previous marriage. Recently, he entered rehab and decided that he wanted to save our marriage. He says he has chosen sobriety and has found his way back to God again. We are currently separated with our son and myself having left the marital home. I love him and want to trust him again. I feel God would want me to stay and work it out, but I am so hurt. I pray daily for knowledge of His will for me and the strength to carry it out. Please pray with me that I make the right decision for myself, my son, and my family. Help me also to find the forgiveness He has given me, whether I remain in the marriage or not.

Burden of debt on me,my husband is disabled,daughter who had hysterectomy yesterday

November 15, 2014

Please pray for me that I am able to have a burden of debt llifted off me. I keep working but bills don't go down. My husband has been disabled physically and mentally for several years-pls pray for him also. I am trying to hold things together but I feel overwhelmed and my job is shakey-alot of pressure to sell. I'm not doing so well lately at work. Please pray for my daughter-she just had a full hysterectomy yesterday-her name is Lisa. My husbands name is Rodney. Thank and Bless you

Prayers for a sick mom

November 14, 2014

Prayers for my mom who is dealing with multiple heath issues and possible back surgery.

Prayers for son

November 14, 2014

Please pray for my son that he makes the grades he needs to be accepted into FSU. He's struggles with a learning disablilty and works very hard for his good grades but it's very stressful for him as he's competing against others to get in to business school.

Please pray for our daughters future

November 12, 2014

Our troubled daughter has a court hearing tomorrow morning to address pending charges from September. Our family is praying that the judge will see that our daughter needs long term professional help. We are praying for her placement into a Christian residential program that we have gotten her acceptance for admission. Please pray for her needs to be met, for the judge to have patience and clarity tomorrow morning during her hearing and for her rehabilitation process to begin. We are praying for not just a bandaid be applied for her consequences but for her to have the opportunity to receive the help that we have not been able to adequately provide. Please pray for us.

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