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Deliverance from addiction

July 13, 2016

Please pray for my son Kile, who lives near, yet doesn't speak to me nor his brother. I have been SO hurt and angry, but found out he is addicted to something! So, maybe he is staying away from me out of guilt. I raised my 2 sons in a Christian home. Please pray that the Word will become unburied in him, and help him to beat addiction miraculously easy!

pray for my husband

July 12, 2016

My husband loves to do evangelism.His mom died recently, so he was not been well.He is a teacher and saw an opportunity to reach all of his students with the gospel.We prayed and saw a way to get them all the message of the Gospel.He began to feel like he had the strength to do street evangelism again.The Lord is putting in his heart to go to Bible school to be a better preacher of His Word.But the enemy seems to work double time to stop him.Then the enemy struck.He injured his back very badly and has to lie in bed.He doesn't have strength to pray.He said his mind is being filled with suicidal and homicidal thoughts.He asked me to post a request for prayer from the saints.Thank you.Please pray for my husband.He really needs prayer.Please pray for protection and strength.

Relationship Harm

July 07, 2016

I recently cheated on my boyfriend of a few months and it was really bad. I felt convicted so I told him and it ended our relationship. But I just want god to heal our relationship and to have him back. So we can work through more things together and be stronger. I also want to pray for healing in this situation and guidance on what to do.

prayer for young man

June 10, 2016

I work with a young man whose background is Jewish. He has shown interest in Jesus as the Messiah. His parent wants to talk with me about our conversations. Please pray for an open heart for his mother by the power of the Holy Spirit, and a unified heart and mind, leading to salvation, for the son, and for me to give no cause for offense of the gospel.

Relief from pain/healing/end of life salvation

May 29, 2016

Please pray for our sweet elderly friend who just had his foot amputated and major heart surgery at the same time! He now has a bone infection and is in Severe pain! We hope he is saved and have witnessed to him. He says he wants to give up. He is not very coherent anymore and barely talks.

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