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Friend's missing son

April 18, 2014

Please Pray. Ron and Jackie's son, Pat, is missing at Blues Lake near Winston Salem, North Carolina. He was discovered missing 7:00 pm last night and the search resumed at 7:00 am this morning. Please pray for all involved.

Losing faith and losing my husband.

April 16, 2014

I am 24 weeks pregnant with out second child. We have been married for almost 6 years and the entire 6 years I have been struggling with being married to a drug addict. I did not find out about his secrets until after we were married, by that time it was a year into the marriage and right after the birth of our first child. I have stuck it out with him this long in hopes that God would heal him and me, and our marriage. I know he is using again, money is missing and he is acting like he use to. I am having such a hard time battling depression and stress in the pregnancy because of him and our lives. I am asking for others to pray because after 6 years of no change in anything, I have given up on prayer. I think mine just hit the ceiling and bounce back down. I have begged God and cried, and asked, and did everything I could think of, but absolutely nothing. I am so lost and I have nowhere to turn, nowhere to go. I try to read the bible, but only get angry when I do. It says God will not put on us more than we can handle, but I am breaking. God said ask and you shall receive. I have asked and begged and cried out, but still no healing has come to us, to my heart. I feel more alone than I ever have before. I want to leave my husband, but can't. I want to have faith, but I don't know how anymore. Over the years of being mistreated and being left alone, and battling all of this, my heart has grown from happy, open, and loving to cold, hard, and bitter. I want to change also. I need to change. I have allowed the things that have happened to me and my marriage destroy everything that I was. I honestly do not even know what to ask for anymore. I have given up, but hoping someone out there will renew my faith and lay praying hands on us.

Marriage trouble

April 14, 2014

My husband left me after we came home from a mission trip. He wants a divorce. He's cheated on me in the past and I think this time it's the same problem. I don't want a divorce. I want to fix our marriage and make it what God had intended to be.

Life overall

April 03, 2014

My enemies, my daughter who is 9 years old and had to transfer to another school because of bullies, my finances, people who have stolen and are continuing to steal mine and my daughter's home from us, our health, our future etc.

My Dad died 2 weeks ago and I am going through a divorce

March 06, 2014

I moved to Jacksonville from south Florida almost 9 months ago because I left my husband of 14 years because of verbal and mental abuse. Even after these 9 months he still denies the abuse and says I am lying. He has not done anything the Pastor who counseled him asked him to do (which he always refused to go to counseling all 14 years of our marriage and only went after I left). Unfortunately even with counseling nothing has changed So I finally started the paperwork for a divorce and then 2.5 weeks ago my dad was rushed to the hospital because of pneumonia. He was in the hospital for a week and then The Lord took him home. My Mom is a Christian also but they were married for 55 years so its so difficult for her also. I was very close to my Dad, have always been Daddy's little girl so going through all of this is hard. I am also praying about moving back to S. Fl because I dont have a support system here. I have friends from work but they are not saved. I love my Pastor here and the church is great but its small and mostly married couples with small children so I havent been able to have fellowship or accountability. Mourning my Dad and going through a divorce alone is difficult. I know that The Lord is with me and He gives me great comfort but we are not supposed to do this Christian life alone. Ive prayed all 9 months for God to provide godly Christian woman as friends here but it hasnt happened so my prayer requests are comfort, healing and strength for my Mom as she goes through the loss of her husband of 55 years (plus my oldest brother was killed 2 years ago so she still needs pray for that), prayer for The Lord to be compassionate and have the marriage end quickly with an uncontested divorce, healing for my heart and spirit from all of the abuse and wisdom for moving back to S. Fl and provision to move and for a place to live. Sorry this was so long. Thank you for praying. Kim

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