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Please Pray with Me

October 06, 2015

God brought a special man into my life and I'm seeking God to know His will. I'm asking God is this the man you chose for me to be my husband? I want your will to be done and not my own. please God open my eyes, ears and my heart to you. If he is, please show me clearly in your marvelous ways and let me not doubt. And If he is not, please close every door and give me comfort and peace. Thank you so much for praying. God bless you!

Breakthrough in my finances

October 06, 2015

My Dear Heavenly Father i ask you in Jesus beloved name to Bless me financially this month my Lord , make untold miraculous financial breakthrough this month , in Jesus name , i believe from the depth of my heart that you want to make financial miracle with me Lord , i believe that your heart want to cherish me and enjoy me in all aspects. Praise you God in the mighty name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen

Marriage & husband's salvation

October 06, 2015

I have been requesting prayer here for my marriage and for my prodigal husband's salvation for the past 1.5 years. God has worked on my heart during this time, and I have drawn closer to him and have (finally) learned to put him first in my life. Tonight, something unexpected happened. My husband called me and asked if I would still be interested in working on our marriage, even though we've been apart for so long. Praise God! By the grace of God, I was able to tell him that I forgive him, and that I still want to work on the marriage. Only God can provide that level of forgiveness, and he has kept my heart from turning bitter towards my husband. And only God could soften my husband's heart. Please pray for us - that my husband will be able to commit to working on this marriage, that healing would take place, that feelings of love and attraction are restored, that trust is restored, and that my husband will realize his need for salvation through all this. I am in awe of how God has worked over the past 1.5 years, and I am trusting him to complete the work he started in us both. Thank you for your prayers!


October 05, 2015

My daughter Jennifer is having a hard time connecting with her dad to express her needs. She calls me every time they have an argument in tears asking my advice. Please pray that God will give me the right thing to say to her that she needs at the time.


October 04, 2015

Please pray for my daughter, she hit a dark time last year and broke things off with a great boyfriend. She is better now and is trying to work things out with him but he is hesitant. Please pray that he sees the changes on her and give her a chance. She is heartbroken over this.

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