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October 08, 2015

I met someone special and asking Father show me if man is the one you chose as my husband. Give me wisdom to know and make it clear to know and do your will. If he is, show us favor and open doors. Thanks for praying! God bless you!

El Qanna be jealous for Cody and Sarah & remove Ashlyn/her friends too

October 08, 2015

Lord immediately, fully and permanently remove Ashlyn Brown from the life, relationship and soon to be marriage between my youngest daughter Sarah and her man, Cody. This girl Ashlyn is an ex of Cody's and is currently trying to contact them (after 2 years) through social media for whatever evil motive she has. Lord remove Ashlyn Brown from their/our lives now and forever and never let her return , not even through others. Lord bring faith and light to this situation immediately. El Qanna drive Ashlyn Brown as far as east is from west from Sarah and Cody now and for good. Lord Jehovah, place a chasm quickly in between Ashlyn Brown and Cody. Lord expose all deception now. God's will be done. Lord place Sarah and Cody in Your Arms, and God willing, bless, strengthen and protect their life and relationship together for always. No weapon formed against Sarah or Cody shall prosper. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

ashley and alec

October 08, 2015

bless, protect, prosper, and strengthen the new relationship and life between Ashley and Alec. deliver them from every evil, loss, harm, temptation, etc. now and forever , deliver them from awkwardness, strongholds, curses, harm, loss, temptation, and every evil and protect/prosper them , keep them whole, sound , faithful and healthy, crush the enemy under them, no weapon formed shall prosper. Lord guide them in college, Ashley needs guidance regarding her major. in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Better relationship with parents

October 07, 2015

I would ask for prayers for a better relationship with my parents. I am working with a Christian counselor and it seems like after doing my part, all I can do now is keep praying. I pray that my parents eyes and heart would be opened. For them to see that I try my best and that my best is enough is God's eyes. Thanks.

Please Pray with Me

October 06, 2015

God brought a special man into my life and I'm seeking God to know His will. I'm asking God is this the man you chose for me to be my husband? I want your will to be done and not my own. please God open my eyes, ears and my heart to you. If he is, please show me clearly in your marvelous ways and let me not doubt. And If he is not, please close every door and give me comfort and peace. Thank you so much for praying. God bless you!

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