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emotional breakdown and dire urgency

October 27, 2016

Please pray for me. I have no one right now available to help me. I'm going through making the biggest decision of my life, and either way I will lose something. In a way it doesn't even feel like I get a choice. My parents are being very inconsiderate and bringing extra stress to the table when I am barely hanging on. They are making themselves unavailable on top of the extra stress they bring, and all that I have are few people to talk on the phone or online. Everyone in my life is too busy in my time of need. I have no one to talk to in person, and all anyone can seem to say is "it will get better". Right now it feels difficult to breathe. I've prayed so much, but I can't do everything on my own. No one around me will acknowledge me as a person that is hurting and whom needs attention the most right now. I don't feel that I am meant to suffer this much for so long, and I'm asking for your prays to help lift mine. Thank you.


October 26, 2016

Prayer partners please pray with me and for me for protection against the enemies attacks on my life. God bless you. Amen.

Gods Grace

October 26, 2016

Praying for Gods Strength, Peace and Encouragement for my son Leland whose upcoming court case is on Nov 3rd. Praying that Gods divine intervention will move in a mighty way on Lelands behalf and provide Leland Favor to clear him in his case and help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life in a positive way after his "misstep". Praying that Gods angels and positive mentors will surround Leland . Praying that Leland can remain of strong mind of Christ, and be mentally, physical, spiritually and emotionally strong during this difficult time and grow deeper in his relationship with Christ. Praying for GOds forgiveness, grace and mercy to be upon Leland and for the blood of Jesus , Gods protection and the Holy Spirit to be upon Leland and all involved in this matter. God is Able! In Jesus name, Amen! Thank you ALL for keeping Leland uplifted and encouraged in prayer. God Bless You!

Urgent financial need for a furnace.

October 26, 2016

Our son, in Indy, is in desperate need of the money for a funance. They have been without one since 2011 and have been using space heaters which is no longer a good solution. My husband and I are not in a financial situation to be able to provide the needed money. Our son is very ill with type 1 diabetes and rheumatiod arthritis. Two of his sons, ages 15 and 17, are also type 1 diabetics....the costs for 3 diabetics is horrible! The 15 year old is also autistic. Only God can meet this immediate need, but what praise will be brought to His name when the provision comes through! Thank you!

Direct deposit

October 25, 2016

To go through without glitches or stops tomorrow 10/26 as it has done, God knows the details and how we are living month to month. Also for school grants and loan due on 1/11/2017. Permanent long term employment by first quarter of next year. If rapist, murderers, illegals, or worse can be employed and have job security to the point of punishing the victim for being the victims and continuing this behavior than God has to show me something.

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