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August 27, 2014

please pray that I get the strength to carry on with the marriage I am in, I really feel my husband is depressed, we have no extra money and I always here this over and over well if I had @ I could do this. how does one go on like this every day? I divorced a depressed man several years ago and he later on that year killed himself, and then I met this man who is very nice however I can not keep hearing this every day when I work full time and then come home and find him sleeping or not speaking to me. I do not want to divorce and I know that is the wrong thing to do, but when they do not want to help themselves or deny that they are depressed what does one do? He is retired and volunteers ar a local hospital and has a 15 hr a wk part time job plus get his retirement, but it never seems to be enough. thank you for your prayers and support.

Alexandra, Needs Prayer For Delayed Onset of Radiation/Chemo Trauma

August 26, 2014

Once again I call on Prayer Warriors for prayer. My niece underwent gruesome treatment for a medulloblastoma beginning in December of last year through beginning of this year. She was released beginning of April. God in His wonderful way and His Prayer Warriors helped her to survive this terrible treatment that some kids do not survive. Her healing from then has been slow. She has been unable to put weight on and now they are finding out that she has developed lesions in her spine and nerve damage throughout her little body. She is undergoing testing. However, they say the damage will most likely leave long-term effects and they are fitting her for a wheelchair, walker and other physical therapy treatments to enable her to be independent. I ask for prayer to heal these devastating after-effects of the treatment. She is a fighter and a trooper, although very disappointed that once again she is missing the beginning of a school year. So please pray for her in all aspects. Our Loving God in the name of Jesus Christ will oversee her. Thank you.

Daughter to Seminary and needs a reliable car.

August 26, 2014

My daughter is off to seminary in Kansas City, MO and is need of a reliable vehicle. Please join me in praying for her to find a vehicle that meets her needs.

Situation in Ukraine and Iraq

August 26, 2014

Please pray for peace and justice in Ukraine and Iraq. The Christians in both countries are suffering tremendously, and need to be lifted up.

protection and guidance

August 26, 2014

my relationship with my father is marred with abuse and abandonment, he was just released from prison only 5 days ago. i am also struggling with a broken marriage. we are still together and the Lord has blessed our commitment although we still are fighting to see clearly that He is with us continuously. i praise God for His faithfulness and strength to endure! thanks to anyone who prays for me and my family! God bless you for loving His Body!

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