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April 26, 2016

PRAYER: This has been a season of struggle - Especially financial struggle. Ever since the USA economic crisis we used my credit to sustain he children, hoping for a brighter day. The credit is now fully extended and the sun has not been shining. This always brings questions of whether or not we, (I) are working in our (my) own strength not in God's will OR we are in a season of desert and education. This faith shaking is always stressful and causes grave repercussions. I am in need of prayer for God to make CLEAR HIS WILL, with no shadows of doubt. I have placed a prayer before the Lord which to answer in the affirmative would be a clear and present MIRACLE! This was not a testing of God but a testing of my faith and ability to wait upon the Lord. I know He is fully aware and knows the situation, I know he cares because I have no doubt He sent me here and keeps me here, and I know He is fully able to create the miracle. I also know that NO is a valid answer. He will not give me a Stone when I asked for a FISH but he might give me a breast of chicken or an entire fish pond! Whatever He gives is better than I can imagine. My trouble lies in Faith, Trust and patience. The Yankee in me is a "pick myself up by the bootstraps" kind of gal. So this Faith and Waiting is a huge challenge. PRAYER: I have had three constant mountains I have taken before the Lord to move for several years. There is erosion but I pray for explosion!! This is the first time I have shared these mountains in a public prayer request so here goes...... Mountain number one is a personal mountain for the salvation of my family. Mountain two is the people mountain -- succession planning, who does God have in mind to carry on this work and I am ready to meet them. Mountain three is the ever growing, troublesome money mountain -- There are no supporters of me as a missionary, very few supporters of the work (THANK YOU to THOSE WHO ARE!!!), and very few sponsors of children (THANK YOU TO THOSE FAITHFUL SPONSORS, you, supporters and sponsors are keeping this work alive and the children fed and educated.) So there is my bare naked PRAISE and PRAYER for April 2016, may the Lord keep my heart and mind focused on Him and not on the glory or the weight of sorrows.

Strong favor of god upon me forever permanently at all times.

April 25, 2016

Dear Beloved, Please pray god to be favorable with me and solve all my problems immediately forever permanently with out any hassles and disturbances to me and my beloved well wishers at all times. Yours loving brother, Kiran.


April 23, 2016

I am asking for prayer for my marriage. I Ask our father to help heal our marriage and find A solution to our home we bought 2 years ago that is falling apart and so noisy with traffic and now we are in a flight path. We work from home and having problems working, sleeping. The evil one works his way into my husband And keeps him blaming both of us for this horrible mistake of buying this house and moving to another state where we know no one. Only God and Jesus can fix this amen

Reaching out

April 23, 2016

I just need prayer. I am asking that if you can, would you please keep me in your prayers. I feel that I am being selfish by asking. I am just very depressed. I just want to blend into the wall, I don't want to be a bother to anyone. I want so bad to be perfect so God and others will like me. My heart is breaking. I know in my head what is right and what God says. Why is it so hard getting it into my heart and truly believe it. I am sorry to write this. I just really need prayer. I want this darkness to go away.

Positive results from a MRI

April 21, 2016

Please pray for my sweet Mom (Rosie O), she is scheduled for a MRI next week to look at some re-occurring symptoms in her stomach area. Please pray for good results! Thank you so much.

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