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Opening the doors for marriage

August 27, 2016

Pray for my relationship with Lena , Pray that God leads this relationship into marriage , we both devoted believers with the same faith , Pray That God give me a grace in her eyes , in Jesus name Amen

Dad's Job

August 27, 2016

Please join my family and I in prayer for my Dad to receives a secure job in management, that he desperately needs! We know the power of prayer and we thank you in advance for go before the throne with us.

Jesus I need your guidance and love.

August 18, 2016

I ask that you pray for me. I really don't want to ask. Just know that I need some prayer. I sit here and am so overwhelmed by everything. It seems that there is so much coming my way. I feel like I am drowning. I have three blessings that mean the world to me. I would never trade them for anything. It is hard sometimes to believe that God has blessed me with them. I feel so alone. I know I have the kids but I feel very overwhelmed and alone. Please pray for guidance.

My First Kiss

August 26, 2016

Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss. I am 26 and never been kissed by a man. I am tired of waiting for my first kiss. I don't understand why God hasn't bless me with my first kiss yet. No man wants me. I am unloved, unwanted and unchosen by a man. I really want my first kiss and to know what kissing feels like. I hope my first kiss is special and worth the wait. What does kissing feel like? I can't wait to experience my first kiss. It hurts that I have been waiting 26 years for my first kiss and it hasn't happened yet. I am scared that it might never happen to me.

Jesus Can Turn Your Pain Into Beauty

August 17, 2016

I was just dropped a HUGE blessing on my life by asking Jesus what I could do for him, actually doing what he told me (cutting way back on TV watching) AND reading these scriptures out loud EACH day (which I STILL do by the way): Hebrews 6:7-8; Hebrews 4:12-13; Timothy 3:16-17, Philippians 4:19-20; John 15:7-8; Matthew 10:32-33; Lamentations 3:22-23; Isaiah 55:10-11; Proverbs 2:6-12; Psalms 37:3-4; Psalms 37: 23-24. These specific scriptures Jesus has TOLD ME to read out loud every day.Some people have sent me Notes offering other scriptures but nothing but those noted above unlocked the blessing in my life because they came from Jesus directly. I challenge you to do these TWO things because I don't want his blessings to pass you by. Jesus has great plans for your life. You just have to reach for them!

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