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Job prayer

July 19, 2014

I need prayers on finding a good office job. I was downsized 5 years ago and have difficulty in finding a good job. I am now working in a hot factory 7 days a week for little wages. Job recruiters have sent me on interviews where the job is no longer open. Why is God not answering? My heart and spirit is broken.

Facing Eviction...Help Us Save Our Home

July 10, 2014

My Mighty Prayer Warriors, I know that I have posted many times still hoping and praying for an (URGENT) financial miracle. If there was ever a time that I need a mighty, mighty prayer army its now. Around 9:30 pm, I received a notice that I had been fearing. The landlord affixed a delinquency notice to my door demanding payment of rent (4 months) in order to avoid eviction. As you can imagine, I am fret with worry for I have nowhere to go. My new job is scheduled to begin 7/14; and, I am expecting a small refund between 7/18-21. I am planning to speak to the landlord later today in hope and anticipation that she will have some compassion; and a mutual agreement can be reached so that we can stay in our home. I reached out to my parents whom again, turned their back on me. My father's response: 'Ok. When is this going to happen? Oh well, what are you going to do?' My uncle, Tim, said that he may be able to help next month; but, right now, unfortunately, he can't help. Yet, he let me know that he would if he could. Members of the church have asked what I need to 'keep me going'; but, the mere mention of money, they disappear. I have now turned to crowd funding in an effort to raise monies. Please continue to hold us in thought and prayer that God will send me an 'angel'. Also, please stand in agreement with me that the landlord will have some compassion and agree to some form of payment arrangement so that we can still have a home. I will be extremely grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers. Thank you and may God continue to bless. -Deb & Lil Man


July 08, 2014

I am in a difficult situation with my career decisions. My wife and I moved last September to another state due to an employment opportunity that I was given. However, as of this week my hours will be severely cut and nearly eliminated in the next month. My wife and I have been praying about various job applications and Resumes that I have sent out but have not heard anything. We just ask for some prayers for guidance and for God to show us the direction he would like me to go with my career. We thank you all sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.

painful sacro illiac joint (SI Joint)

July 08, 2014

Last week I received word someone prayed for my pain. I received an injection last Thursday which should have alleviated the pain, but it only lasted 21 hours. The only option other than a miracle by our marvelous Lord is an RFA on the SI joint. I see my pain mgmt dr tomorrow at 1:30 so appreciate prayers that he will find favor with insurance companies to get approval for this procedure. God is faithful and I count on your prayers. Sitting at 'puter is difficult, but know WBCL is in my prayers as well. Also pray for my daughter who is in the same situation--heredity plays huge factor in our joint/bone/muscle issues. Bless you!


July 19, 2014

Its been almost 8 since I became a widow. Since then I have not met any decent man. This loneliness is horrible. I keep praying and praying. But nothing! Those dating sites are not trustworthy!

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