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July 20, 2014

I would like to send a prey up for all the believers and non believers in this world.. For we will see and cont. to be blessed by the all mighty and powerful GOD.. For he will cont. to keep us Safe and learn the ways of this world, so we will not fall victim to the brain wash and war of Satan. Protect us in the all mighty lord's name I (WE ) pray AMEN!!!!!!!!

Thank you and cont. to pray for us...!!!!!!!

July 20, 2014

Thank you all for praying for me and my family.. We are now taking the steps to correct the actions from the past, to expand the family that we have been blessed to have.. Yes we have made so bad decision and we have truly learned from them.. Thank you for beening all forgiving.The prey that we cont. to pray is of THANKS AND FORGIVE NESS... We do not attend church as we should and we do not read our bibles as he would like us to, we are working on that... We are strong believers in CHRIST and he knows our hearts.. We try so hard to make him proud for he is worthy of all praise.. I come here with infertility issues and the patients to teach my daughter all she needs to become one of the great people in this world for we are only here for a short time.. I cry to you lord from my heart and my spirit to cover me and my family, HELP. Yes we need you.. I know in my heart that you have already fix this and now it is time for me to be PATIENT AND LET YOU WORK... PLEASE GIVE ME THAT STRENGTH FOR THIS..

Mission trip

July 13, 2014

Team is Leaving for out of the states mission trip tomorrow please pray for Gods protection and his will to be fulfilled in next 10 days!!!thank you

Job prayer

July 19, 2014

I need prayers on finding a good office job. I was downsized 5 years ago and have difficulty in finding a good job. I am now working in a hot factory 7 days a week for little wages. Job recruiters have sent me on interviews where the job is no longer open. Why is God not answering? My heart and spirit is broken.

Please Send Prayers My Way, Lord move mightily in my situation

July 21, 2014

I am in deep prayer for my marriage and family. I am praying that The Lord move mightily and make a shift in my situation. May The Lord fully remove my husbands mistress from our union. May his heart be hardened towards her as it softens to me, may the path to her be blocked with a Hedge of protection as our path becomes clearer, may he feel lost and turned around when he seeks her out, may his way be forever blocked and The Lord remove her from his heart. May The Lord convict him of his sin and he repent. May he remember that home is with his wife and daughter and not this "woman". Lord even though the situation is sticky, all things are possible with you, Lord, please let her removal be your will. We have endured so much hardship, please dont also give us this cross to bear. You have said vengeance is mine so I have given it to you, you said what you have brought together, let no man put asunder, so I have given it to you, but Lord it seems so hopeless at times. Make a path Lord, clear the way, bless our union. Release the hold, the grip that Satan has, for he wants to destroy marriages and his hand is at work in mine. Lord also give us some financial blessings, I have recently lost my job, the bills are piling up, my daughter starts kindergarten and needs supplies. How am i to do all of this?? Lord, just make ways, make paths, give blessings, restore my marriage and help me to walk on the right path. Cover my husband, daughter, our finances, our home and belongings with the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please Lord, remove this woman from our lives, please heal us, restore us, shine your blessings and light upon us. In Jesus' Name I Pray. Amen

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