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The Serpent and the Egg

April 12, 2014

EASTER - THE SERPENT & THE EGG - Pastor Mike Hoggard ----------- 58:26 ------------ 58:26 YouTube Mar 11, 2013 - Uploaded by TJ BROOK EASTER - THE SERPENT & THE EGG - Pastor Mike Hoggard ... Mike Hoggard, The Missing Bible by ... ...

Daughter marring into Eastern Star family

April 10, 2014

born again christian daughter marrying Sept 2014into a family ,his parents belonging to Eastern Star.She believes that it has no effect on her& her future life.She has limited contact with us!! PLEASE PRAY!!!

Unexplained pain and reddness on friend's face and scalp

April 10, 2014

My friend has just asked for prayers. She has a puffy redness in patches all over her scalp and face and is having trouble opening one of her eyes. The pain is almost unbearable for her. She is going to the doctor this afternoon, and is concerned that she might have shingles. Please pray for healing! Thank you.

Thank you for your prayer please continue to unite in prayer with us we ask that God grant your request concurrently as you pray for ours! Amen to that!

April 10, 2014

Departure on April 23rd checkin to go quick and smooth, angles around in inside the plane ministering and safe arrival to LAX on the 24th arrival checkout to go quick and smooth. Stay with son to be peaceful bonding and God to help us both to com Him. Move back in with old roommate no issues and stay permanently long term until financially stable. Employment immidiately temp or on call anything but working and concurrently finalize hours needed for license test God knows the details.

PLease pray

April 08, 2014

please pray for God would restore whole healing process.. everything went opposite way,,, something keep controlling me turn opposite way,, please pray for mercy

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