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James 4

March 15, 2015

I backslid into homosexuality and am under demonic bondage. The LORD set me free when He saved me and once before when I backslid. I have been so foolish. Please pray for my repentance and deliverance from this devil and any other bondages and strongholds. please pray for my return, restoration to The LORD. He had been reaching out to me but I have been a proud fool. I need to humble myself, repent, get in The Word and seek His face.

Test! 3/26

March 23, 2015

Had to return to school and although I study and am there constantly still need prayer. I have a test this Thursday 3/26 studied, may I retain and pass with an A! Also a language class may I up my grade and retain retain retain! Living one day at a time, God has made me completely rely on him, have temp jobs even clean houses, have health problems that might get worse so prayer for finance job work permanent. My employer is out there touch him please.


March 16, 2015

I am praying for more time in my personal life to spend with my kids. Lord you know all things, help me to stay focused on my wife and kids and be the kind of husband and father you want me to be. Lead me Lord! Amen.


March 15, 2015

Please unite with me in these specific prayer requests and keep them in mind. First and foremost Salvation of course for my immediate family especially my 30 year old son. The seed was planted throughout his life and at 10 he did say the Salvation prayer aloud with me out of his own will I was surprised. Put a hedge of protection around him his daughter and estranged wife at this time. Minister to him as he goes to sleep in dreams and visions. Be with him Holy Spirit throughout the day at work, seal his job, its low pay but needs it badly no layoffs etc been there 5 years. Touch his mind unblock any ADD or learning disabilities and allow him to grow in the business part of his job may he be moved up as dispatcher and other money related job description. As for self, need a home, homeless may it be from God and permanent, owner ship or gift from Him, even return the home that was taken if He allows it. Employment job finances for myself need to work asap. Had to return to school finishing classes needed to transfer may financial aide for the classes go through at CSU so that I may finish my BA in three semesters which is 36 units. Legal that was filed to also be handled with top priority and finalized God knows the details. Thank you all.

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