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June 26, 2015

Recently I've had some issues at work where I've done a couple things wrong and was talked to about them. Yes I did them. I've been doing these things for years and never knew they were wrong until now. The discussion with my supervisor has really got me discouraged and down. I've been praying about this and even have a card at my desk that says "Give it to God" and yet I'm still discouraged. I don't like doing things wrong, yet I know I will. Thank you for your prayers

Don't know where to start

June 24, 2015

This may be long, I am asking for prayers for our family as it constantly seems like we are being attacked from all sides. My Husband lost his job recently after almost 10 years, but thankfully has now been offered 2 different jobs, one of which is closer to home and making more money than before (prayers it works out). We have been having issues with our children, the oldest is 18 youngest is 10. None of the 3 listen or respect us as their parents and I honestly don't know how to change it. They don't listen, argue and fight constantly and sneak food all the time as if they are starving. ( They are not ) I have major health issues which cause me to be "lazy" in many peoples eyes but I really am not. I don't know what to do except pray and ask for prayer. Thank you for listening.....


June 24, 2015

My family has suffered two deaths within six weeks. There have also been several trips to the ER, doctor visits, and various minor illnesses for other family members , urgent care for myself twice and repair bills. I am overwhelmed by it all right at the moment.

Family Issues

June 23, 2015

My Wife and I are in the middle of a divorce as she says that she does not love me anymore. The real issue now is our 2 girls. My wife has custody of the girls and she is fighting to keep them away from me any time that I'm not scheduled to see them. This is really breaking the girls. My wife has taken it so far as to stopping them from going to VBS because I was helping and they would get to see me. Please pray especially for the girls as they are innocent bystanders in this. Also pray that both my wife and I will seek God's direction in what little is left of our marriage. I pray that God will restore us like only He can. Thank You.

Holy John 17 Luna Guitars

June 22, 2015

Hooly Psalm 91 Holy Psalm 92 Luna Guitars God's Holy Loving will in Holy Jesus name Holy Crossamen Holy God Bless who should own them and make a differance what ever that is for each person Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen

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