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Abusive home life

November 29, 2016

Please pray for my best friend Audrey. She's trying to get her life around, and doing an amazing job for what she's been through, despite her home life being very hostile toward her that I fear may sabotage her. She has little to no positive influence in her life or kind words to encourage her, only being told she's worthless and owes dues from her past life. She is very educated but having to take low jobs that also treat her poorly. Please say a small prayer for her, that God will give her the strength and opportunity to move out of that environment or for He to help change the hearts of her family, opening their hearts to forgiveness of her past. Thank you.

God's favor

November 25, 2016

Dear Beloved, Please pray that all of my problems to be solved with the permanent solutions which are favorable to me with out any disturbances for me forever permanently at all times & ages and please pray for the strong favor of god upon me and all of my losses to be restored as infinity times more benefits to me forever permanently at all times and make all my sins in to virtues for me forever permanently at all times . Yours loving brother, Kiran.

Lord please

November 19, 2016

God, I ask you to restore and bless my romance/relationship with Angel. We have had a lot of downs from our enemies lately. Satan is trying to win. We are losing strength and need you to fight these battles for us. We need you. Remind her of my love and admiration today. Rebuke our enemies. I feel like my knees are buckling and I can't hold on. I don't want to give up.,

Happy Thanksgiving and .....

November 23, 2016

I will need to drive this weekend, to NV please pray for our round trip to be a safe one with angels hovering above and come back home safely on a rental car. No stops! God knows the details. Protection all around during this time, if you don't want me to go then place someone else to drive Lord.

Kidney donation

November 22, 2016

Please pray for my surgery tomorrow . I am a living donor i will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning to remove one of my kidneys for someone at UCLA please pray for a successful surgery for not only myself but for the recipient. I do not know the recipient and may never have the chance to meet them i pray that they have a long healthy life Thank you

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