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God, Please Help Us! I Can't Take It Anymore!

July 17, 2014

Hello, its Deb (and Lil Man). Please allow me to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every person who has taken a moment to hold me in thought and prayer. Forgive me for being repetitive; but, lending an ear. At this time, I am way past my breaking point. Is God listening? Does HE even care about all that I am going through? Today, is the second day that Lil Man and I have gone without food. A court notice was affixed to my door for July's rent. The possibility of being evicted (Apr-June) is looming. At 46 years old, the mere thought of being homeless is all too much to bear. Despite launching a fundraiser to garner help, there has been little to no response. I have lost all hope. Why has God forsaken me? I just want this pain to end. Please continue to pray for me.

husband and children

July 15, 2014

Am lifting up my husband and children to the throne of grace, asking Jesus to keep them in the center of His will for their lives. Each of us has specific needs from healthy to school concerns that our Lord God knows about and I'm trusting God to meet those needs in His perfect timing. Pray we also hunger to read more of God's word and 2 Timothy 1:7, Psalm 90, 91 for our family.

selling house

July 15, 2014

First I want everyone to know I have prayed for situations. It is amazing to see how we all have our own difficulties and we all need one anothers help in prayer. No problem is bigger or smaller than the next but each is hard-scary-worrisome. I pray for a heart of peace for each and that Gods timing and desire will be seen by all of you. Please pray for the sale of my house-it is becoming a strain on our finances and I want it sold. I have been asking for prayer on this matter-but it has to be Gods timing. He knows my hardships and will provide according to my family's needs. He will bless us. Thank you

End to the nightmare and for peace and hope for the future

July 15, 2014

Praying God's grace and mercy over the life of my son and I. Praying that God will give us an end to the nightmare that has come our way since I filed for divorce. Praying for a peaceful end to it all and happiness for my little boy and I to just be able to live in peace. We need calmness and security in our life without all of the fear and stress. Though I am not perfect, I do know God and have seen him in action over and over in my life. I ask you all to join me in prayer and with faith that God will heal our situation and just allow my son and I to move forward together in peace and without fear! Thank you!!

Financial ruin- homelessness

July 14, 2014

My husband and I are financially broken. We are about to be homeless. We have to be moved by 8/1. We have no money, and no one to loan money from. Please pray that God will help us find a home and provide financial means so we won't be homeless. I am so terrified. Please God, help us... Christian and Michelle.

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