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Please Pray for Employment

November 14, 2015

I have been out of work for quite a few months. Please pray that the Lord will clearly reveal to me what His Perfect Plan and Purpose is concerning employment.

Just Lost, Desperate, Need Prayers

November 13, 2015

Lord, I am asking that you be present in my life and circumstances. My husband says he loves me but we can not seem to get along. We have a lot of stresses between us, as usual I feel that we can push through but I guess he can't. We have two small children, we are having serious financial problems and Lord I am tired. Lord, I have been praying for my marriage our difficulties, praying for your intervention, praying for miracles for some time and it seems like things have gotten horribly worse. We prayed for the first time as a family today and not 15 minutes later my husband asked for a divorce. Lord I'm just tired, I want peace in my life and in my marriage Lord. If it is your will please be present. Please Lord, cover my marriage, my family and our finances with your grace. Make ways for us Lord, please remove our mountains. Amen Please Lord, show me a kindness and release some of my burdens.

Marriage Restoration - Update

November 11, 2015

Update.... My husband told me that he's cut off contact with the other woman and is trying to decide the right thing to do. Please join me in praying that he hears God's voice loud and clear in this situation, and that he reaches out to God for help. And that God answers him and speaks to him in undeniable ways so that my husband will know that there is a God. He needs salvation most importantly so I'm praying that he will come to know God through this decision making process. Thank you for your prayers..................................We've been separated for 1.5 years and my husband has recently expressed interest in working on our marriage, but there is another woman involved. Lord, please remove this woman from his life. Please sever, cut & destroy all ties they have together. Remove any feelings they may have for each other. Give my husband the courage & strength to end the relationship. Please restore his love and desire for me. Please help him to accept my love and forgiveness, and your love and forgiveness, too. Please continue to speak to his heart. Show him his need for you in his life. In Jesus' name.

Gothic witchcraft...

November 10, 2015

Yesterday in a univ class I need to take, there is a female that is involved in witchcraft goth etc and did something humiliating towards me to the point of the prof having to call her on it, either way she seems to do the same in another class I have. stares and sits too close sometimes is also known to be dangerous, but uses a soft no me voice, etc, but the thing is last night I awake at 3am three times within those three times satan was first in a man, then again in another person then as a third came as himself in a small man and said yes I am the devil with a small chuckle and she was a few fit away these three times that woke me up in three different dreams? And the holy spirit alerted me that they were up burning candles and doing something. I know how this sound but its true and somehow it doesn't scare me. So my request is prayer, especially for my profs Jon and Helen (god knows whoe they are) to SEE, I mean see through Gods eyes who this person really is and doing. Not to get anyone in trouble, but for them to only be very aware. Of course prayer for them too. A lot of prayer for my son too, strong hedge of protection around him and his little girl. Please don't forget this today, and thank you for your prayers

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