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The Great Physician: "And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the Gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people." (Matthew 4:23 KJV)

July 02, 2015

Dear Almighty God for Jesus Christ Holy Name sake: My son was injured on Wednesday July 1, 2015; yet he is still determined to finish his work week. I told him to pray throughout the day. Thank you all for praying for my son's speedy recovery. Respectfully, in Christ --- Amen

new ministry

July 01, 2015

After reading Tiffany Schortgen (new Promotions Director's) bio, I had to to ask for prayer request as she has done I have followed God's calling, first to become a Pastor and second to work on starting a new ministry call "Temporary Home Ministries". This home with house young pregnant women who find themselves with no place to live. The will receive love, guidance, Biblical teaching and counselling. We are working with an architect to get this building built. My prayer request is that right now we need to start fund raising. Please be in prayer that God will lead people our way that have a heart for young women and their babies. God Bless

True love and marriage

July 01, 2015

Break off and detach the demon that was placed on her upper middle back by the touch of a hand of a warlock-santero santeria type of individual for years, human lizard looking and very strong approx. to this day. We know that it sounds off, but it's true and does exist and work. Somehow God allows it for what ever reason. We do not have the answers but pray for this to be broken off her I combiniation with a 32 year old curse also by Santeria that merged with this and one 25 year voodoo ritual done with a doll representing her. This is all true these three have merege and gain more more power strengthening or renewing itself! It's a spiritual warfare never seen before, not this strong or bad. Many have seen and Prophesied or gave a word in the spirit confirming that it is still there, one of them being a attached in this area of the body also sometimes even seems like a reptile lizard man or thing. The persons name is Mirta. Continue to pray aggressively a nd fervently please. She does feel a tiggling or some ache lately after we asked for prayer. There has been a laying on of hands but ppl begin burping in an odd way as if wanting to vomit feeling nausea. Please take this seriously it's true and a special kind of spiritual warfare. We need your help in many numbers please please please forward everywhere. She will commit suicide is she continues this way.


July 01, 2015

Please, Please, Please, pray for my daughter Nena Patino, she needs a job right now, she has no income, and she is getting discouraged, and depressed. I thank you all. Sincerely Amenda Patino.

Prayer for Husband, Family and Financial Assistance

July 01, 2015

Please help me pray for my family and for a much needed financial breakthrough. We are expecting a new baby next month, we are two months behind on rent, my husband and I have been blessed and our marriage has been made whole again thanks to all of your prayers and Gods mercy. But we need a larger place to live and the financial grace to make this happen. Lord please continue to work in and on us. Surround us with your protection, bless our marriage and our children. Bless me as I enter my last few weeks of pregnancy. Lord, be with us at all times. All things are possible through and with you. Bless my husband who has turned the corner, may he come to know and beleive in the Lord once again, please Lord give him paitence and give him a reprieve, lay your hands upon his mind and heart and make ways for us. Bless our union and family and allow us to experience a peace that passes all understanding. In your name I pray. Amen

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