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Need His Wisdom and Path

April 04, 2014

Home, Work, Family all seem to be under attack. I need his mercy and wisdom. Am so tiring. Please lift me up

Car Accident

April 04, 2014

My friend was in an accident , car totaled, this is all I know please pray. Much thanks!

Please pray....

April 04, 2014

please continue pray..please ask God to give everything back to me my parents my brother completely and fully as originally belong to us. everything what GOd tried to give back to us or give us.... even I rejected missed lost taken to someon elese.... I keep failing please ask God to show HIs power and mercy... and please pray for spiritual healing and restoration... we are having spiritual difficulties.. whole good spirit is keep switching taken to others abd get physical evil spirits,,,..

Protection, Peace and Understanding

April 04, 2014

Please pray for our family. We have been under extreme attack the past several months from every angle: spiritual, health, home, family finances, work, etc. Pray for our protection, peace and faith to move through this unceasing storm. We are doing our best to remain faithful and cope yet it's taking a toll. We want to stay strong and continue the Lord's work for His glory and kingdom.


April 03, 2014

My neighbor is struggling with dependence on pain meds & it is tearing his family apart :( Praying he will find dependence on the Lord & it bring healing for him & his fam!

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