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Please pray

April 03, 2014

Please ask God to give me my parnets and my brother give back whole good spirits even wverything I spit out.. lost taken..please

Please pray....

April 04, 2014

please continue pray..please ask God to give everything back to me my parents my brother completely and fully as originally belong to us. everything what GOd tried to give back to us or give us.... even I rejected missed lost taken to someon elese.... I keep failing please ask God to show HIs power and mercy... and please pray for spiritual healing and restoration... we are having spiritual difficulties.. whole good spirit is keep switching taken to others abd get physical evil spirits,,,..


April 03, 2014

My neighbor is struggling with dependence on pain meds & it is tearing his family apart :( Praying he will find dependence on the Lord & it bring healing for him & his fam!

Continued Prayers Needed

April 14, 2014

Brother's & Sister's, I wanted to update everyone on where I currently am in my life.....As I said previously, my wife, Marla, has filed for divorce. 9 months ago, this would have killed me but with the blessing of Jesus in my life, he has calmed those waters. Don't get me wrong, I am sad but still hopeful. I continually seek Jesus and continue to draw nearer to HIM. I miss my kids like any father would. If I let myself dwell on that loss it would take me to such darkness but with the blessing from Jesus those days are over or should I say much easier. I still don't know what the future holds but I do know that with Jesus by my side, anything is possible. My walk with HIM has a lot more to go..... but looking back in retrospect, I've come such a long way and I praise his name for what HE has done in my life. I just wish my wife could see this or even hear about it. I know I can't think this way. Like a lot of my Brother's & Sister's have told me, I can only help myself keeping Jesus #1 in my life. So with this, I continue to ask you all for prayers that restoration can occur in my family and marriage. Thank you all for being a part of my life during this time. I have become friends with some of you and cherish that friendship. I love you all! Bruce

Daughter marring into Eastern Star family

April 10, 2014

born again christian daughter marrying Sept 2014into a family ,his parents belonging to Eastern Star.She believes that it has no effect on her& her future life.She has limited contact with us!! PLEASE PRAY!!!

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