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February 24, 2015

Just an update... I dropped the class. I'm making an appt with my counselor to talk and I'll be taking that class again when my load will be smaller hopefully next year, but my counselor told me if my math goes well I can Start applying for school in October, so my focus right now is to pass math and apply in October. I failed stats last semester so I really want to pass. I'm going to try to add another class. That fashion class will take too much of my time doing projects and she told us she gives a lot of homework 15-20hours a week, I couldn't really do that and focus on math. I asked friends and family to pay I get into another fashion class and Praise the lord! The professor answered my email and there's still room for her Monday class. Please pray that God will guide and direct me through this journey

Tomorrow is promise to no man(I a woman :) I pray for imminent requests

February 24, 2015

First and foremost Salvation for my family and all who I request for in prayer. Seal the direct deposit tomorrow LordGod help me with my basic needs and seal it. Right now I am unemployed and need to find permanent work but attend school also in the mean time. Have a quiz Friday please pray that I pass with high grade, surely study but have mental blocks and need the Lord to touch my mind and be with me in all tests I take. Also for my son that is going through a separation and divorce heal him and this marriage, they have been married only 3 years. Also will need to go out of town, for an elderly aunt to see her one last time please pray that the bus and trip be safe get there see her and then return with no issue problems or gossipy cruel ppl.

I know God answers prayers...So, please join me again

February 24, 2015

Very early last year I came here with a nightmare in my life and a prayer request. You......people who I have never met........Prayed for my situation and had faith that it would all turn out, even when my faith was dissolving. I had recently filed for divorce after an awful marriage. And because of my filing, I angered someone who decided to punish me by calling CPS anonymously ....they showed up at my door and for five months after that original visit, they hounded me. Showing up unannounced with police officers and making me feel as if I were an awful person. I was worried sick about my little boy and wondered if they would find the truth and see that I am in fact a good mom or if one day they would show up and put him into foster care. Finally after five months of sleepless nights and tears that could fill an ocean, I was told that the case was closed. THANK YOU, JESUS!!! Well, here I am again. A different subject, but once again needing prayer from the warriors of this page who took the time to care about us without even knowing our names! I am in need of a job and immediately! My son is a special needs child. I get no child support (mind you that I am fine with this as it also keeps my son safe) and get no government assistance. When I was first divorced I had a bit of money left in my savings account and thought that surely by the time it was gone I would have found employment, but......................*TEARS! Soon, we will have nothing and I need a miracle! I need to find job that is close to my home and will pay enough that I can afford insurance and a babysitter that is familiar with feeding tubes and seizures! Please, friends, pray that God opens a door for me in the Peru area and I can find such a job. I am in need of seeing a doctor as I have somehow hurt my back and am in serious pain, but have no money to cover the Dr's fees or xrays! I saw God answer your prayers last year, so please, can you help me out here and agree with me in prayer just one more time that God will hear and answer! More thanks and appreciation than you know!!!!

Restore my Marriage

February 24, 2015

I have been standing for 5 years and will continue till GOD's plan for restoration takes place. Please pray for my Wife and family, I stand with you in your prayers and believe in the power of our GOD.

Please pray for a miracle in my marriage

February 23, 2015

I have been praying day and night for God to restore my marriage, but I'm growing weary and I'm starting to lose hope. We've been separated since I committed a sin 5 months ago that I did not think I was capable of that caused my wife and my teenage stepdaughter a lot of emotional pain. I had always been a man of integrity, so this sin threw my wife for a loop. She no longer trusts me. I repented and have been getting help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery, and I desperately want God to change me. We have a 2-year-old son, and I haven't even seen a picture of in 4 months. My wife and I currently live 500 miles apart, and our communication is becoming less frequent. She seldom responds to my emails or facebook posts any more. Every time we talk, I feel like divorce is becoming more imminent. She says she has forgiven me as is not mad at me, but she can't see us having a future together. There are a lot of practical reasons why she doesn't see us having a future together in addition to her lack of trust. I am madly in love with my wife, and I miss my son. I believe it is God's will for our marriage to be restored, and I know He can restore our marriage and family if my wife would only have a change of heart. At this point I believe it would take a miracle. Please pray for God to shied my wife from the influence of the enemy and give her the desire to seek reconciliation and restoration of our marriage and family. Please also pray for restoration of my relationship with my stepdaughters.

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