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I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7)

August 19, 2014

" Louisa" is a friend who currently has colon cancer. Thank YOU, Heavenly Father God, in Jesus Christ Holy Name, for taking such EXTRAORDINARY care of " Louisa " during this entire ordeal. In the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ, The Great Physician - WHO has more healing in the HEM of HIS GARMENT than any doctor I know; I humbly pray and thank you too! Almighty God's faithful intercessory prayer warrior saints! Amen. "And besought him that they might only touch the hem of HIS GARMENT: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole ". (Matthew 14:36)

Crohn's Diagnosis

August 19, 2014

I have a great nephew who was born end of March. He had been in the hospital most of his life, but was finally diagnosed with Crohn's disease about a month ago. The Dr's are baffled by his diagnosis, because this disease normally does not appear until age 7. So for an infant to be born with the disease is unheard of and rare. This little guy has been home for a couple of weeks and has been on steroids since his diagnosis. He has swelled up pretty badly. They will be taking him off the steroids this week. So far the steroids has been the only thing helping him to be able to keep food down and have regular bowel movements. Please be in prayer that the Lord would perform a miracle and heal this little man's body. Also, prayer for this young family of four, living off a single factory income is hard especially with a child with tons of medical issues. Thank you. If you would like to follow this little guys story, he has a facebook set up for him at:

RFA/joints/back pain

August 19, 2014

Thank you to all who have prayed for me! Prayers are working and I need continued strength to improve. After 6 yrs of being immobile, using muscles, tendons, ligaments used to being dormant are screaming now. My feet have issues from walking to compensate for my back. Keep praying and I know I am in God's hands!! Bless you all!

Beautifu child

August 19, 2014

My niece was sentenced to 14 years in prison on August 1st for burgerly. She just turned 20. She's leaving behind my beautiful 2 year old great-nephew. This is tearing my family apart. My sister is so heart broken she can't hardly get out of bed but does because she now has legal custody of sweet Isiah. My parents are 75+ and probably will not live to see her in the outside. My other sister and I are helping in every way as well as cousins and our elderly Aunts and Uncles. Please pray that my niece will get the help she needs and for everyone that she has hurt and especially her son.

Daughter says she is "Bi"

August 18, 2014

Our daughter who is in the Navy has said she is now bisexual and has a "girlfriend." She is being influenced by the people is she hanging around with, lied to, deceived by the evil one. She has an Aunt who is "gay" and claims it is "genetic." Please pray that her eyes, heart and soul be opened to the truth. I hold on to the truth in Proverb 22:6, Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Thank you so much prayer warriors! Bless you!

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