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I claim this Word1 Make it from you Lord, as life has it, I have a legal issue now! But not money related....

January 29, 2015

You will recover a new (emotional and financial) balance following a ruling that will be given court, tribunal, government, judge. A person who is hostile to you will be removed from you path and will no longer represent an obstacle or a threat to you. This person will stop causing you trouble and suffering. This judgement is associated to a compromise on your part. It concerns an arbitration and discussions regarding a sum of money and a formal agreement legal papers with a lawyer, legal counsel.

Healing prayer for Garrett and Ashley

January 28, 2015

Hello asking for prayer for Garrett and Ashley .. Prayers for healing .. the hand of God on them .. asking for Gods healing Angels with them !! grateful .. Thanks xo

God do impossible favor, freedom, financical, healed

January 28, 2015

God do impossible abundantly freedom, financial, health, wealth, open doors, right opportunity retroactive salary, settlements, bonus, destiny,give heart desires. Bernard jr, bernard sr, akil, rosa, marie, katrina, alicia, chyla, tim, elder shirley, pastor williams, beverly,Nichole. Mark 11:23-24 Thank

bad habits

January 28, 2015

please pray for my adult childrens salvation and deliverance from bad habits and to find their way.

Horse Theft t

January 28, 2015

Holy Psalm 91 God Bless Cowboy for Christ member 581 says to how people can be in tune for no more horse theft for best it can be under the circumstances Holy Ideas and recovery! in Holy Jesus name Holy Cross amen

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