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April 10, 2015

I'm in a desperate (not life threatening) situation. I'm lost and don't know what to do. I need a miracle. Please pray for me and that I'll get an answer soon.

daughter/grad school

April 09, 2015

Dear lord please let it be your will that my daughter get into grad school to become a physicians assistant. She has worked very hard and studied very hard to get to this point. She has a very big heart and so much to offer the medical field. I pray with all my heart that your will be done . This is a dream come true for her. Thank you lord for helping her get this far and for all you have blessed her with... amen

Double minded Backslider

April 05, 2015

I if you pray for me and my return to The LORD I would appreciate it. I have backslider awhile ago and have been drifting future away from the LORD and have been living in willful Sin like a fool. I need to stop playing games with The LORD and repent, humble myself and return to Him. Please pray for the softening of my heart, for my deliverance from any and all satanic bond ages and strongholds, for Godly sorrow to flood and Crack open my heart and soften my stiff neck. I am really deep in the world, the flesh , sin, and oppressed by the devil. I need to fast pray and seek the LORD When I try I don't and get distracted and frustrated and I it's my pride and a demonic stronghold. I am just dead and numb inside and so stubborn. Thank you all for praying for me and the notes and emails in the past. I am sorry for being a burden to you and limit my post. Please pray for the LORD not to give up on me I need to come back to a HIM but I keep getting puffed up with pride and mad when things in my life keep getting worst. I know He said we would have tribulations in The World but my life is rubbish and I don't get anywhere and I am so tired of everything .

Positive Spirit

April 08, 2015

I am asking for so much help and prayer, I am 4 months pregnant and have such a bad attitude and just plain grumpy. I want to be so happy and be completely inlove with my husband and just have so much energy, and just love life. I thank you Lord for my husband, and him being so wonderful, I am asking for huge prayers for encouraging people to come into my path and speak positive into my life. I ask that my mind is one with Jesus Christ. I want this spirit of negativity to be gone, and spirit of faith and positivity to over take me. Thank you for your sweet prayers and may God bless you 10 fold. IJNIP AMEN Courtney

Wife has Brain Tumor, update

April 07, 2015

My wife, Donna, went thru a cancerous brain tumor operation on Wed, 4/1/15. The operation went well.... Now she's going thru a time of healing and rehab (physical, occupational, and speech therapy). Then she will have a 6-week combination of radiation and chemo ... This time of rehab just started today... Please pray for her now. She appears to be having a sort of mental OCD: she gets so fixated on a subject that she can't calm down and eat..Consequently, her blood sugar is getting lower and lower. Pray that this mental OCD would stop and her brain would work right... Thank you and may God Bless you

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