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God's favor upon me forever permanently at all times.

July 29, 2016

Dear Beloved, Please pray that all evil eye, bad luck, misfortune, disadvantages, evil spells, curses, ancestral curses, black magic spells, black magic, witch craft, evil sorcerers, evil things, evil prayers, evil happenings, hexes, evil(powers, strengths, energies, spirits & sights), miss opportunities, disease, revenge, evil memories, evil influences, disturbances, hassles, obstacles, evil networks, evil plans, evil plots, evil maps, disgrace, defame, evil gossips, jealous, evil doers, enemies protection shields, evil links, un authorizations, satan, evil (wishes, works & intentions), all negativities and enemies and their confidences upon me and my beloved well wishers to be broken and destroyed with out returning again and make God to show great grace upon us and healing & protection of me, my mom & my beloved well wishers forever permanently at all times Yours loving brother, Kiran.


July 27, 2016

To My Family in Christ, I am begging for prayers. Please intercede for my husband, Dan. I've been praying, fasting, praying, giving, praying, praying, praying until my kneecaps are solid scabs ~ although not only for him but for our children who are also wandering. I don't know what else to offer God, because I've basically got nothing else. Every time my husband turns me down for an offer to go to church or some event, I'm just so sad. Each day is precious, yes? Each precious day that we could have an incredible, joyous marriage is felt in my soul like this really huge loss. He doesn't even know what we have lost. I'm so desperate for a marriage that is a true love relationship, a love that walks in Truth. Our children are at critical points in life where a father strong in faith is so needed to help them pick the path leading to eternal happiness. Will you pray with me? I will be so grateful

Falling apart

July 26, 2016

I am overwhelmed. Two months ago, I had a home, a wonderful man to share it with, our our family has been ripped apart by assumptions and misunderstandings. We are all suffering in our own way...he and I, our children. He is battling something within himself that I have no knowledge of. I only see what it has done to him. Controlled by anger and resentment. He focuses on my past mistakes, using them as weapons against me. Refusing to see that I am not that person anymore. That person I was has been gone a long time. It hurts to have those things thrown at me. They are being used to validate his actions and words, when they no longer apply today. I pray for forgiveness. For my own sins, and for his. I pray the Lord will touch him. Allow him to see what is really behind the anger and bring healing. I ask God to bring our family back together. Renew it. Take whatever has been broken, and make it whole again. I ask for wisdom in dealing with him. That the Lord will put the right words in my mouth, so that all he feels is love. He has kicked me out of our home. It was so unexpected. Cruel. I will not allow myself to hate him for it as I know there is something deeper going on here. But I am afraid. I am hurt. I miss our family and I miss the man I use to know. I am unsure what to do next. I need guidance. All of this I ask In Jesus Name.


July 26, 2016

I am asking for prayer for my husband and I as we are nearing the end of our kitchen remodel. Its seems trivial when I read the prayers posted here, but it's been a long process and we are both at the end of our patience with each and with the project. Contractors start installing this Thursday, but we have a little more to do on our end. Would appreciate any prayers to be sent our way for us to see this project through to the end and to have the patience we need to get it done. Thank you!

cancer returned

July 27, 2016

My nieces best friend's Mom had breast cancer, but after treatment is in remission. Now has a cold that she can't shake. After tests, she has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that is inoperable. She is a young woman, her daughter graduates next summer. Asking for prayers for her, her family and my young niece who is taking the news very hard. Pray for peace, comfort and healing. Thank you to all .

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