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prayers needed

September 02, 2014

My girlfriend Stephanie and I are struggling. I come before you and humbly ask for your support and prayers for our relationship. My girlfriend Stephanie and I both want to serve God and love each other the way God says, We want to do it right and its so hard. Please pray that God draws us closer, unites us as one. Stephanie and I know God has brought us together. Me being separated for nearly 7yrs, now divorced, Stephanie had a bad past. I have learned from Jesus how to love Stephanie and Im at peace with her. God blessed me with a beautiful woman whom I learning to love each day with Gods help. I love Stephanie, and she loves me, and we pray together. So please if you can, pray for a couple to put God first in their lives and in their relationship, pray that God will speak to us, draw us closer make us stronger Stephanie and I,,and help others. thank you

Endocrine appt

September 01, 2014

daughter has endocrinologist appt in the morning and we NEED her A1C numbers to go down significantly. She faces unknown kidney issues which an MRI will determine on the 8th. She has numerous ovarian cysts that need to be resolved. Your prayers are essential for complete healing and peace.

Follow up

August 28, 2014

Today at my mamas follow up they found a mass growing near spleen, follow up in 3 months join us in praying it disappear in Jesus' name. Thanks for the continued prayers!

Healing and strength

August 28, 2014

A pastor son who is not is the fold .he is in critical condition and the doctors don't know what is wrong with him.Yesterday he had a seizure and is running a fever .his mom is also on dialysis and traveling back and forth every day.son can't talk and they don't know how much he can understand .

Need Peace and an end to an ongoing situation

August 28, 2014

You have no idea what it means to me when I wake in the morning and see an email that says 'someone has prayed for you.' ***THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! My nightmare continues . It has been six months since I filed for divorce and four since it was finalized ............and then the CPS showed p at my door. I hate the fact that because I left a horrid marriage all of this has happened and worry daily about my little boy and what might come of all of this. Obviously he is still with me. I am a good mom and have taken great care of him, but the stress and sickening feeling of worry that I have ever day and night too is killing me. It needs to be over! I need peace!!! I need to know all is well. Please, PRAY WITH ME and ******BELIEVE***** that God allows an ending to this worrisome nightmare soon and that we can move forward in our life without this constant fear and anxiety! I need my peace of mind back. PLEASE, Believe that God will hear this prayer and that he will allow this to end and this case closed! I think I now know what Jesus' persecution was like.........although I feel my strength weakening.... Thank you friends!!! Just needing peace !!!

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