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Pray for our Leaders

August 31, 2015

I am asking for prayer for our pastor, emeritus pastor most specially, assistant pastor, and evangelist. As our Sunday School lesson said the leaders had become stumbling blocks before he people for worship. I'm not calling judgment just asking for prayer that they follow after Christ Jesus so the people can follow after them with joy and worship in spirit and in truth. There is a division in my church and it seems no one sees it or wants to see it but it is causing a lot of strife. I am asking for prayer for unity among God's people and that the emeritus pastor let the new pastor take his position to lead God's people without all the confusion. Pray my strength in the Lord as well.

Loss of job

August 30, 2015

I was accused of doing something at work I didn't do. As a result I lost my job which could result in my family being homeless in less than a month. Need prayers for my wife and kids and forgiveness for those that cost me my job. Hope to find a job before the end of the week.

Father's salvlation

August 30, 2015

My father has stage 4 cancer in both lungs & it is growing. As bad as this is, my main concern is that he is not a Christian. Not having a relationship with God makes his pending death frightening.

failed paramedic exam

August 29, 2015

i would like to thank the people who prayed for me for my exam. i did fail the exam and now need prayer that GOD will help me study the wright things and retain what i study rot the next test. after working 9 years on the back of a ambulance i know my skills and what to do and when to do it but this test is not on skills its about test taking with 2 correct answers on some questions so thats where GOD comes in with the listeners of this great station i try to have faith to pass this test next time but with the prayers of everyone out there i can do all things through christ who strengthin me. thank you all for the prayers. p.s my next test will be in about 4 to 5 weeks


August 29, 2015

Please heal and restore my marriage

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