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July 23, 2014

I am not happy at home nor at work, i feel uncomfortable most times with the condition at home, i need things to change, i need a home of my own. Please pray for me for uncommon favour in my 7 exams, i have done 4 so far and i cant afford to resit so i am asking that God will allow me a pass in all four an did have three left for August and September, I am asking for uncommon favour and success. I need God to provide a life partner for me ( a soul mate), a family, a man who will love me for me, one who loves and honours God, one who will treat my daughter as a daughter and help us financially, i need a home of my own, and breakthrough in my financial life, i need God to come to my rescue now. I need a miracle now in Jesus name. Amen

Prayer for healing

July 22, 2014

Please say a prayer for me as I am having some anxiety and depression issues along with some other health issues. Thank you!

Prayers needed

July 22, 2014

Please say a prayer for my friend and her husband who is out of the country on a mission trip. Pray that God keeps a hedge of protection around them as they spread God's love and word to the people. Pray that they feel God's love and comfort around them at all times! Thank you!

physical healing

July 22, 2014

Please pray for Darryl who has sustained severe burns over 47% of his body and has been flown to Atlanta to a special hospital specializing in the treatment of burn! Darryl is a Christian and believes in prayer! Please lift him up!! Thanks so much, and to God be the glory!


July 22, 2014

Hello friends, thank you for the continued prayers during my new journey. It has been almost 3 months since my husband ended our relationship. I have gone thru the grieving process as you would a death. I am now battling the lonliness that creeps in. I have been in MY house 1 month today. It has taken a lot of courage I didn't know I had. God has opened doors with finances. Nothing steady, but bills are getting paid. I pray daily for my husband & his children. God has called him to do great things. I want him to remember what God placed in his life. I long for a godly man to share my life with. Someone who will worship with me. Someone who will cherish & respect me. Someone who will hold God first. Miracles happen every day....waiting for mine.

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