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No cancer/healing

September 01, 2014

I am waiting to hear test results for two separate cancer diagnosis. I am terrified. Please pray my test results are negative and that I do not have cancer. God does hear and answer our prayers. Thank you and God Bless

Need help praying

September 01, 2014

Please help me pray God will lift this burden. I want to pray and feel the peace that everyone talks about. I pray and I feel like God doesn't hear me. I want to be able to function, enjoy my kids, just enjoy this life God has given me. But right now, I can't. I know blesses me everyday. I just want to be able to take care of the blessings. I feel like I let him down. I know all the issues and problems I have created. Help me pray God will just show me what to do, fix this mess. Help me to take care of my family. I hear of people that God sends and just hands them the money they need. I am looking for that. I know it is my fault, my faith is so low. Please pray God strengthens me and my faith. I love God so much, I don't want to be a disappointment to God or my family. And right now that all I feel like a disappointment. Please Please help me pray.

My 30 year old daughter and her battle w/alcoholism

September 01, 2014

My daughter in the past 3 years went from a hard working mother of two to a battered divorced and now lost her children to alcoholism and other issues with an ex-husband determined to break her. I'm going to talk with her today about her alcoholism along with family and her boyfriend. We are asking for guidance and strength and that she see's the Lord in our actions and love for her.


September 01, 2014

I'm struggling with lust and its sepetating me from god i want that close relationship with him again

Pastor Lovelace- "Utopia"

August 31, 2014

Pastor Jonathan Lovelace will be on the new Fox show "Utopia" which premieres September 7th at 8 p.m. Pastor Lovelace has a huge heart and is a huge blessing to his community. I know being away from his family and congregation but he has taken this opportunity to serve the Lord and spread God's message to the fellow people on the show as well as the many people who will watch the show. I pray God opens the hearts and ears of these individuals. I pray God will use pastor Lovelace and His greater plan will be fulfilled. Join me in praying for pastor Lovelace. Watching the livestreams hasn't been the easiest thing and I know being around all these many different types of people and being exposed to the environment and their beliefs has to be hard on him, but I also know that God is in full power and will protect pastor Lovelace. He has taken a stand for Christ to show the world Christ's love and promises and I am forever thankful for his serving heart!

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