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September 28, 2015

Pray for my husband Ed as it is a nerve in his right eye that is causing him blurred vision. He will be seeing an eye specialist on Oct 8th. He was told that it could be permament. I know that God is the great healer.

Several prayer requests

September 28, 2015

First a recent position @ work has opened up and I applied. This would be a life changing opportunity with job security for years to come. I pray God opens the door for this wonderful job opportunity. Second I have had a recent health issue that's arisen and I am in need of prayer for that, as well. Their not sure if the place is cancer or not, but I should know more within the next few days. Last I have been praying that God would help me find a Godly man that puts/loves God first in his life, is kind, caring, loving, honest, and loves my son like his own. Being a single mom is difficult these days financially, emotionally, mentally, physically. I just pray for a guy that loves the Lord and loves us second with all his heart. Thank you in advance for all your prayers. It truly means the world to me.


September 28, 2015

I have been praying for a good man to come my way since the passing of my husband...I met a man in June who asked me to marry him about 2 weeks after we started dating...I finally agreed ...he wants us to marry soon in the next month...I need to know from the Lord if this decision is right for me...Thanks for the prayers.

please pray for my marriage , family & court case

October 01, 2015

I committed a horrible sin about a year ago, and my wife and I have been separated ever since. I caused deep emotional pain for her, and she no longer trusts me and hasn't allowed me to see our 2-year-old son for the past year. I repented immediately and have been getting help through Christian counseling and Celebrate Recovery (I got my 1-year chip tonight). Though I've been praying relentlessly for God to restore our marriage and family, my wife made it clear that she plans to divorce me. I'm facing criminal charges resulting from my sin, and must appear in court Friday, Oct. 9th, when I'm expected to accept a plea bargain and will be placed on probation for a misdemeanor. The terms of probation may end up being very excessive, and I'm concerned the terms may make it very hard for me to function in society. I've always been an honest, decent person and have never done anything like this before. I'm heartbroken and scared right now. Please pray that the judge will be lenient on me (I assure you I'm no threat to anyone), and that my wife would have a change of heart and allow God to restore our marriage and family. PLEASE pray that I will soon be able to regularly see and have quality time with my precious son, and for God to give me peace. Thanks

Praying for grandson

September 30, 2015

Please pray that my grandson be put in the hands that will best care for him and that he does not experience any separation issues in the process. Also, his eating habits are terrible and he needs to be with a family that prepares healthy meals and direct him in the right path. At this time age 3 he is struggling with living in a home that has structure because he is use to having his way, eating what he wants and talking back, disobeying instructions from adults. He has begin to stutter a lot and has no desire to learn the basic things any 3 year old normally learns. His mother refuses to put him in pre-school and he has been temporarily remove from her care. His who is in the service will seek custody and this could create numerous problems with the mother. Praying that God's will be done. We are not familiar with the system and are not able to give help on how to go about getting custody. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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