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Prayers for healing

October 05, 2015

A close friend of our's has been in ICU at Bristol Regional with blood clot(s) in his head/brain. He was transferred UT Knoxville by Med Flight this afternoon and is currently in surgery. Please lift this young man and his family as well as all of his medical team up in prayer. We know the Great Physician and are trusting in HIM. Thank you.

Prayers for Peace

October 02, 2015

I need the peace of Jesus now more than I ever have in my entire life. For almost 2 months now I have been battling anxiety and panic. For some, they think that it's just worry and if I would quit worrying, it would go away. This isn't how it works. I feel sick. The physical symptoms are more than I can deal with on my own everyday. Scary symptoms. Sometimes I even convince myself that these symptoms are because maybe I'm sick and dying. It's hard to press on each day like nothing is wrong and feel like you're falling apart inside. I've never needed prayer more than I have in this moment of my life. I need the peace of Jesus. I need prayer for strength. I need prayer for courage. I need prayer that if it is God's will, these symptoms will step aside and let me live my life. I am getting married next weekend and I am afraid that the anxiety will take the show instead of the day being about my Fianc and I coming before our friends and God. Please pray that I feel God's hands working in my life. I need Him. I need Him. I need Him.

For all troubled marriages

October 04, 2015

It seems that satan is doing his best to destroy all marriages and I pray, God, that you remove him from every house hold whose husband/wife is being tempted by greed, lust, adultery, idolatry, anger, and all other temptations. Heal the hearts of both involved and bring every couple whose being torn apart back together. In Jesus' name, I pray, amen.

Restore marriage of 20 Years

October 04, 2015

Pray for restoration in our marriage of 20 years.My husband Jerry Rangel has left us for a younger woman.Lord remove these ties that bind Jerry and remove the lust,infatuation,pornography and this woman from Jerrys life permanently.Pray for Jerry's salvation and pray the blood of Jesus over him and his life.Pray for God to open Jerrys heart and eyes and will listen to Your word God.Pray that God will send Christian people in Jerrys life and to minister to Jerry and he will accept You Lord and Jerrys eyes will be focused on You God and no one else.Rebuke Satan from Jerry and let Jerry know that this woman was put in Jerrys life,by satan. Encamp your angels all around Jerry and place your Holy Spirit in Jerry.Pray to remove all the negative thoughts from Jerrys mind and heart about his family and only let Jerry think of positive thoughts of his wife and kids.Lord I,Debbie Rangel have forgiven Jerry and this woman from their sins. Place heavy conviction on Jerrys heart,mind and soul and what he is doing to his family that loves him.Place conviction on this woman also Lord.I trust you and have faith in You. I need a miracle God and i pray that you have mercy and grace and will draw my husband to You Lord and then draw Jerry back to his family.When 2 or more are gathered in prayer and stand in agreement,You are in the midst Lord and You said it will be done. I love You Lord and Jesus and You are my focus.I give You all the honor,praise and glory.In Jesus name,I pray,amen.

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