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Laid off. Need new full time job

April 10, 2014

Please pray that I will find a new full time job. I had two interviews last week and I have yet to hear back from either one. Please pray that I hear back from either one about future employement .

a baby

April 10, 2014

Recently my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. I think I've taken like 4 test and we've only been trying for three weeks.....I'm so afraid that its gonna be hard for me to get pregnant due to my weight. Now by my standards i am not obese, although the medical world would prob disagree with me..i just ask that y'all help me pray that God gives us a baby when he sees fit...thanks...

Filled with Rage

April 10, 2014

I need prayer. I am filled with rage and my heart is broken because of something my beautiful daughter has experienced. As a man, I find it difficult to even ask for prayer, but I can't fight through this on my own. Because of what happened, my faith is being tested and I am filled with so much rage. My heart has gone cold. I hold so much contempt for the person who caused this. Please pray that we can work through this dark time and that my faith isn't broken, but made stronger.


April 10, 2014

Please pray that God will send my family to the church the God want us to be at. Please pray for my marriage we have been struggling for a while and I know God can help us get the spark back that we need. And please pray for my business that it will grow a I can turn a profit. Thank you for praying the God's will be done is our lives.


April 09, 2014

I worked in J.C with a great bunch of people to work for. I had a good Christian boss and the gang was good to me and was the most positive place I worked. I was encouraged there. I ask for prayer that this place will call me. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

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