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August 23, 2015

Please pray for my wife's heart to return to the Lord. She is holding on to past resentments with me and has walked away from our marriage and her faith.

Holy John17 Holy Road Romans 8:34

August 22, 2015

Holy Psalm91 Holy Psalm24 Holy Ephesians 6 Holy Ephesians at the age of 12 our family was suppose to move to Florida and shortly after that my dad who worked for Star Tribune in Marking Research lost his Job and small jobs after that so i pray if there is something i am suppose to do there in the future or what is God saying please lead the way in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen Holy God Bless wear My True Holy Covenant Husband is in Holy Jesusname how to get there Holy Cross amen HOLY PRAY to be off the wrong road move to the wright holy road in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen

Holy John17 Jasmine Green

August 22, 2015

Holy Psalm91 Holy Epgesians6 Holy John17 Jasmine and her engagement a to Jon and son James Holy God Bless the move to Plymouth,Mn they are making in HolyJesusname Holy crossamen Had vision of her walking with a picture in her hand alone Holy Power of Prayer in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen Holy God Bless Jasmines and Jon's true friends and james toin Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen


August 21, 2015

Saints, I am scared beyond measureI lost my home 3 months ago, totalled my car 2 months ago, my work is unsteady.I have been staying with a friend for the last month but her boyfriend will no longer allow it. I have been able to save a little bit of money, but not enough to move on or buy a car. I know God has opened doors for me and will co.tinue to do so. I don't have any family here that can help.. I don't understand what is happening or why. I need a miracle within the next week. I have overcome so many obstacles within the past year. I should have died last April. I know my victory is near. Thank you for your prayers.

Holy John17 Westonka Food Shelf Plus

August 21, 2015

Holy John17 Holy Psalm91 Holy Ephesians 6 Westonka Food Shelf Mound Mn and the Holy project also they are doing rebuilding also has relocated to Lady of the LAdy Church schooland Penny Wise Holy help poor community waiting till building is built Holy God Bless all needs of Westtonka food shelf plus others needs staff and people coming in in Holy Jesusname Holy Crossamen

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