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Battling Cancer

April 09, 2014

I have a friend at work and his Brother-in law was recently diagnosed with cancer. They have found it on his Pancreas and think that it may have been caused by cancer in his lungs. They are wanting to perform a scan to see just exactly where the cancer is, but he is scared to find out. Please pray for my friend Rob and their family....thanks and God Bless

Prayer for Those Around Me

April 09, 2014

I have several requests, as many of the people closest to me are going through a lot right now. One of my best friends is feeling led to be a worship leader/pastor & was recently turned down for an internship position at a local church. She feels like God has abandoned her and doesn't have a plan for her life. Also, my dad (who is far from the Lord) feels like God is taking me away from him because I turned my life around and am going into ministry. Also, pray for my grandmother who has been in the hospital for continuous bleeding for over a month now, and the doctors do not know what is wrong

salvation and rescue from demonic attack

April 07, 2014

salvation and rescue from demonic attack

Deliverance and Wholeness

April 12, 2014

Thanks for praying for me. You guys prayed for me and I'm walking it out by scriptures and praying too but It really worked. I can sleep at night early now without tormenting thoughts. So please continue to pray with me for deliverance from tormenting images and fear and to be made whole, I want to be at the point of completely healed nothing missing nothing broken .

Filled with Rage

April 10, 2014

I need prayer. I am filled with rage and my heart is broken because of something my beautiful daughter has experienced. As a man, I find it difficult to even ask for prayer, but I can't fight through this on my own. Because of what happened, my faith is being tested and I am filled with so much rage. My heart has gone cold. I hold so much contempt for the person who caused this. Please pray that we can work through this dark time and that my faith isn't broken, but made stronger.

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