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salvation and rescue from demonic attack

April 07, 2014

salvation and rescue from demonic attack

Deliverance and Wholeness

April 12, 2014

Thanks for praying for me. You guys prayed for me and I'm walking it out by scriptures and praying too but It really worked. I can sleep at night early now without tormenting thoughts. So please continue to pray with me for deliverance from tormenting images and fear and to be made whole, I want to be at the point of completely healed nothing missing nothing broken .

Filled with Rage

April 10, 2014

I need prayer. I am filled with rage and my heart is broken because of something my beautiful daughter has experienced. As a man, I find it difficult to even ask for prayer, but I can't fight through this on my own. Because of what happened, my faith is being tested and I am filled with so much rage. My heart has gone cold. I hold so much contempt for the person who caused this. Please pray that we can work through this dark time and that my faith isn't broken, but made stronger.

Faith being tested

April 07, 2014

I don't understand how God can allow some things to happen. When hard times have come I chose to rely on Him. I chose to have faith. Now I find that all those times I was praying for my husband, all the times I chose to believe He would lead and protect my husband, He didn't. Why would He lead me to this man for a husband and then let him do the things he has done. I don't understand. It's like all my prayers and faith are worthless. Instead of them being my strength they were my blinders and now my life is awful. When I was worried about things I handed my worries to God, did the next right thing and continued to be faithful to God, my husband, and family. But God didn't stop my husband from being led down a path of destruction that is now destroying my family. I don't understand.

Job and family

April 07, 2014

Please say a prayer for my family. My father is having some health issues and my wife's job may be in jeopardy due to outsourcing. I know God has a plan and we have struggled before and will again but it is so hard to keep the faith and keep your head up. God has always provided for us and I know he will continue to but the stress is very hard to deal with.

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