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Hurting Husband

October 17, 2014

I have recently celebrated 5 years of marriage with my husband. It has been a hard 5 years but it has still been worthwhile. My husband is a young man but suffers from PTSD and some form of manic depression/with bipolar tendencies. He refuses to seek treatment. I ride out the highs and lows with him the best I can. Right now we have hit one of the lowest points with him wanting a divorce just to revert back to a life of solitude. We joined the church when we got married but we lost our way about a year ago -- I have since returned to church. Growing up in church, I always feel the Lord calling me when I have wandered too far. It's a little harder for him because I don't know if he has ever really been saved. Right now his heart is very hard towards God and me. I ask for your prayers for him that God will touch him and heal his hurting soul, that he will bring him some peace in the midst of his conflicted heart. I pray that God will use this low time in our marriage to build up a stronger marriage centered around him. I humbly ask for ALL the prayers I can get to save our marriage.

prayers for hope

October 16, 2014

I have a friend who has put in a couple of applications for jobs this week. Please pray that God will show favor on her and that she will get some interviews and that someone will give her a chance. She has looked for so long, and waiting is getting harder and harder. She is a woman of faith, and she does believe that God is working things in her favor, but it is so hard when she keeps hearing no. She does have a part time job, and we are extremely grateful for that, but she really wants something in her field. Thank you!


October 16, 2014

I would like to ask everybody to pray for two people very close to my heart. My mother in law and my dad. They are both battling some health issues. God will heal them, in Jesus name!

Marriage/Lost Husband

October 15, 2014

My spouse is currently asking me for a divorce. We used to attend church and then stopped going. I have gotten back into church now but he will not go with me. I feel that we have taken a huge step backwards in our marriage, he now prefers to remain unhappy, isolated and away from me. We are still living together because I refuse to leave. I feel that he is currently under extreme conviction over a past porn addiction that may be resurfacing when he is alone. I pray for God to strengthen him and to soften his heart toward the Lord and me. He is trying to break off all communication with me in hopes to isolate himself even more. Being ex-military, I am afraid PTSD may be fueling some of his isolation. I feel God's presence in our home and I know that my personal walk with the Lord matters even more now because he is watching. I ask for strength to get through this and for the Lord to save my husband. Part of me feels that he doesn't really want to leave, he is running from himself as much as he is me. He still loves me and treats me well, he just doesn't like me anymore. I refuse to leave and let Satan have my husband. God has this, he will prevail!

marriage / family

October 15, 2014

I don't know where to start....first of all i'd like prayer for my husband had some emails to his ex wife that i found on our ipad....back and forth of them telling one another they missed each other and wanted to see each other....i was 5 months pregnant at the time with our child....granted this has been about 5 years ago....but there were quite a few and it didn't make it hurt any less....also, there were some other messages of him talking to a woman....some not so nice messages back and forth....which were a couple of years ago...I am shocked, to say the least and not sure what to do....i'm so angry right now.... and I don't know what else has went on that i don't know about...he also has a problem with alcohol....and can be abusive at times.....I just need God's guidance in what i should do...prayers sis just died of dad has some heart issues, it just seems like its one thing after another....please pray...thank you!!

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