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please I need your prayers

October 29, 2014

I need a prayer for my husband David. He has left me and my three month old baby for another women. Please pray he gets awakened by the holy spirit and changes his mind. The temptress he is with is named Devon. Dave nedds as many prayers as possible to get away from the devil. Please I need your help


October 25, 2014

I am requesting prayer for restoration with Ryan. Things have been so hard lately and we are on a break. I truly care about him. I know he cares too, but he has so many wounds and hurts. I am wondering what God wants from me and where God wants me right now. I am taking care of myself and my children. I just don't understand this trial. I am praying for restoration for my son. He has turned to drugs, popularity, and following the crowd to fit in. I pray he will immediately find new friends and find God again. I am exhausted and worn. It has been 10 years of trials and constant tribulations. I know God is amazing and can redeem and restore my life. I am trusting and seeking him, I just need extra prayer to get through all of this. I would love to have an amazing relationship and have my family be amazing witnesses.

2nd Open Heart Surgery

October 30, 2014

Please say a prayer for my Step-Mother, Barbara. She will be having her second open heart surgery on November 3rd

Neighbors husband

October 27, 2014

My neighbors husband left her with three children to care for one on the way he lost his job and is living with his mother. he used to be a Christian he always helped me with things before all this happened please pray he comes back to the lord and his children she has someone helping her the day's she's at work those kids r so sweet they helped me with my mother yesterday as my family takes turns caring for her she took her kids to see him and was told never to come back or else don't know all the circumstances in this situation just what she tells me


October 26, 2014

I ask and pray that I be able to communicate with my friend Elisa, that she has mercy on me and that we be able to meet soon to fix our friendship.That God makes me a good friend to her. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

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