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family issues

August 30, 2014

I feel like I am on here all the time. I am in such turmoil. My family just can't get out of this money whole. I know money isn't everything, but it sure does help to take care of your family. It just seems I am all alone in my worry. Please help me pray that God will take this burden and lift it. I feel so selfish worrying constantly about money. I know my thoughts should be other places. Please please help me pray, I just don't seem to be getting through.

for a better relationship

August 30, 2014

My boyfriend is an alcoholic, he is in denial about alcohol, he is very different without alcohol, please pray for him to stop this habit and realize the dangers of alcohol, let God send his angels to protect him, he is surrounded by wrong friends all who encourage him with drinking, pray for him also that he should know the lord, let the holy sprit come to him and show him light cos he is in darkeness , pray for me also that i can say the right words to help him with his problem, thanks

lost soul

August 28, 2014

I'm asking you all to please pray for my dad! He is 50 and he is lost and he was in church as a child up through his teens. He knows that he is lost and it scares me to know that he's going to Hell.

family problems

August 30, 2014

I am just so depressed. My stepmother and I are at each others throat. My dad is sick. She had him put in a nursing home this week and the place is 2 hours away. It was done out of spite. She hasn't even called and checked on him. I'm just soooo hurt about this. Dad does not belong in a nursing home. please pray that we find a way to bring him home to live with me. I love him so much and miss him so bad. thanks

Jayson's Family

August 30, 2014

Jayson had brain surgery on Wednesday . There have been many complications . Doctors said that he won't come back from this . He is 31 with a wife and 2 small girls . I know God works miracles and this family really needs one .

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