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Salvation for a friend

April 22, 2014

A friend of mine is struggling with his faith and he's looking in the wrong places for answers. Please pray that God shows him His Truth as only God knows how to reach him. Also pray that the person he is currently looking to for answers is taken out of his life. Thank you.

God's intervention

April 22, 2014

Will you please pray for a change of heart for my sister? Please ask God to intervene and to send His holy spirit to stir her heart to do the right thing by her son. She is making some very selfish decisions, and it is affecting his mental health. He has anxiety problems, and he is showing some issues of rage.

Healthy pregnancy

April 22, 2014

Would you pray for a friend who is expecting in August? She and her husband found out they are having a girl. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and for God to use this child for the advancement of His kingdom. Thank you!

Full-time employment

April 22, 2014

Would you please pray for a special friend who is looking for full-time employment? She had a part-time job, and they decided they no longer needed her, so she is looking again. She and her family are so discouraged, and they need some hope. I do not understand God's timing, but we all know that it will happen in His time. Please pray that God will show favor on this family, and He will lead my friend to a full-time position and open doors for her. She is a woman of great faith, and I hate to see her going through this. Thank you in advance for praying for her and her family.

Please pray for us ... urgent

April 21, 2014

please pray for mercy and retore whole healing process... give all back to me my parents and my brother everything what He tried to give us back and give us as originally belong to us,,,,,everything is taken to someone elses.. even mind and heart whole soul whole spirits whole blessings whole gifts crowns whole people......really need your prayers

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