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April 17, 2014

Please pray for the passengers who were on the sunken ferry in South Korea. Pray for the missing passengers to be found and return home safely. Pray for the families and friends affected by this to be comforted and filled with hope. Please also keep in your prayers the missing Malaysian Airlines that they will find out what happen and for the comfort for their families and friends. Thank you everyone

Jesus Christ, The Great Physician

April 15, 2014

My daughter says - according to her doctor - she is a borderline diabetic. Thank you Heavenly Father God in Jesus Christ; O Great Physician; in advance, for giving my daughter the help and the motivation she so desperately needs daily, to remedy this medical condition. On behalf of my daughter, I humbly thank you too, faithful prayer warrior saints, for your coveted, intercessory prayers. Respectfully, in Jesus Christ's Holy Name. Amen. Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9:23)

Relationship Restoration

April 13, 2014

Can you please pray that a friend will call today and desire to mend and bring our relationship back. Lord please answer this prayer in Jesus name, Amen

Remembering VT

April 16, 2014

I work across the Street from VT. Please be in prayer for those families who lost a loved one on that day. Pray for all who were involved on that day. Pray for Chos family. Send peace into the hearts of this community today, and may the people of this community know that God is with them always.

Healing, Obediance, and Understanding

April 14, 2014

Overall, my life looks blurry to me. There are times when I know what to pray for, but as I sit here looking at the computer screen I can't decide what I want to type. Sickness haunts me like a dark gloomy cloud, I have lost loved ones more in one year than my entire life, and I seem to struggle at every other task that I take on, including school. I am not in doubt of the love that our Heavenly Dad has for me, I'm just unsure if I am making the right decisions or not. I know that I must have faith that Jesus is there with me and I do, but my faith trembles because of insecurities of all kinds. I am also weary of my behavior and do not understand why I have difficulty with letting go all the bad feelings/thoughts/emotions from my old and shameful life continue to have an effect on me. God gave me this new life, may there not be a minute go by that I don't remember to be grateful and thankful for being blessed with a second chance to live for the true purpose of life. Prayers for a lifted spirit and troubled heart. For unanswered questions of a friends sudden death. College and future home decisions. Financial stability along with a loving and charismatic job that offers health and dental benefits, vacation/sick time, and a happy environment, as I haven't earned the opportunity to have a picture perfect job such as this. Improved health and immune system, living a more fit lifestyle, strengthen relationships with friends, family, those whom I must forgive, and the guy I have been dating for nearly five years. Strengthen all of those who battle with addiction and alcoholism, as their sobriety can be lost in one weak moment. May they continue to remember the reason they chose to become sober. Lord, I pray for only your desires and will. I pray that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, lift up your name and help pray for each other and love on one another. I love and thank you so very much for your limitless amount of forgiveness, tender love and care, and the majestic way that you work in each of us. In your name I pray Father, Amen.

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