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2 co workers was let go this week

January 29, 2015

I'm ask for Eric and Kelsey lost there jobs this week and it seems to scare me because I'm afraid for others where I work . I like the company and the way they treat me is fair but seeing them let go makes me worry. I ask for prayer in this situation and for God to open doors for those who do loose there jobs there. It is a new company and I ask for growth and job expanion and no lay off or any more firing s In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.

Depression, Envy and Jealousy

January 29, 2015

I have had a long battle with Depression, Envy and Jealousy SPECIFICALLY towards those closest to me. Please help me pray for strength, consistency and the ability to break away from these horrible burdens.

Future wife

January 27, 2015

I had prayed ofor God to send me the girl I will marry and I girl has mysteriously came into my life over the past year. Now that its my last semsester of college we have a class together. Please pray everything works out and that we become closer. Please pray for boldness and that I will say the right things. I also ask that she will start to sit next to me. I am very heay hearted over her and I dont want to lose her. She brings out the best of me and she is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. Please pray that God deals with this situation because I have made some mistakes.

My son & I , for our relationship, & his drug addiction

January 26, 2015

My son Eddie is addicted to pain pills & nerve pills. He has stole my meds that I need for my being Bi-polar and the pain meds I have to take for my back condition about 6 times. I tried to prosecute him for breaking into my home to steal but was unsuccessful. I asked advice from a Christian friend @ church yesterday. She gave me advice and prayed for/with me as I cried. Last night my son came to my house trying to emotionally blackmail me into giving him some of my meds, which I now keep in a locked, pickproof handgun safe. I told him no, as usual. ( This is not the first time he has tried to get me to give him my medication.) He got mad at me and said some harsh things. I have been praying about the situation for years, that GOD would cure him of this addiction and that he & his family (He has a wife and 2 sons) would come to know JESUS and that he would turn his life around. He spends everything he earns on drugs, when he is functioning well enough to work, which is only after he either just took pills, or is wanting the money to buy some. Praise the LORD that his wife is a college graduate and works, because although he loves his boys he loves his drugs more so, his wife is the main one who supports the family. She is aware of his addiction and of course, aware of the times he has stolen from me since I tried to prosecute him for this. She is the queen of denial and refuses to leave him or to admit that he has a problem, even though he steals money from her purse every chance he gets. I told him last night to get out of my house and not to come back until he straightens up and is drug free. As his mother it broke my heart but, after MUCH prayer and the advise of other Christians, I feel as if I chose to do the right thing. Please, pray for GOD'S divine intervention & that he will get some help for his addiction. Also, that that at some point our relationship can be restored, as he is the only child I was blessed with and this is tearing me up inside!! ONLY GOD'S intervention will save him and restore our broken relationship. Won't you PLEASE join me in prayer!!!! Thank you in advance for your prayers!!! Sherry

relationship needs major healing

January 26, 2015

Please pray God can heal my relationship with the other half of me. He is miserable and I haven't been able to find any encouragement for him. Our walks with God have gone astray and we need Him to come out of this trial. He isn't even praying anymore and it has drastically effected his mood and how he treats others, God truly is the only one who can give humans a heart full of love and the only way is to have Jesus in your heart and to pray and mediate in His word daily. As a couple we should be doing that together and on our own, it's the only way to grow closer to God and each other. Please pray that we can find our way back to where we need to be

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