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Daughter and myself

July 23, 2014

Would like to ask prayer for my daughter....she worries so much...she's young and shouldn't be....but I know it's my fault as I suffer from anxiety and depression...I'm constantly worrying...her little sister splashed a cup of water up her nose and her mouth yesterday as they were playing and she is now worried all day that the water may have had bacteria in it to make her sick in some it went up her nose....prayer please for her protection and peace for her little mind....thank you!!

Bunton Family...

July 23, 2014

Please pray for the Bunton Family this evening. They had a court ruling over the school bus driver case that didn't go in there favor today. The school bus driver now claims she has PTSD. Just pray the Bunton's can get some peace & a victory over this. It's been a rough couple of years for them. I know them personally.

My nephew

July 28, 2014

My nephew is going through some struggles right now. He has made some bad decisions and now is facing the consequences of those actions. Please pray that he will see how much he needs God in his life and that he will turn his life over to God.


July 25, 2014

I have had a lot happen to me in my lifetime in a way. I know it could always be worse but over the past few years, I feel like my joy has just been ripped from me. I grew up in a unhappy home. My parents were always fighting and my dad always telling us to be somebody and act like adults. He never just let us be kids, we was always doing something wrong in his eyes. I was home schooled, so I never had many friends until I was old enough to drive. I've actually never really had a healthy relationship with the anyone of the opposite sex, which tends to be a problem. I have a hard time building relationships and friendships with people and I'm always afraid when I bring my problems or "package" to them that they won't be my friends anymore. I feel like I walk around on eggshells trying to be perfect and make everyone happy and build other people up, but I cannot find one single thing I like about myself. Everyone says I'm a great person and fun to be around, but I'm way to hard on myself. I've came so far, I've turned away from a life of drugs, alcohol, premarital sex and so many other bad thing. I just won't to feel comfortable in my own skin and not be afraid to be me. I want to be happy and full of Jesus' love all the time! So if everyone would please pray I find it and that the devil will stop pulling me down. And if anyone has any advice for a 22 year old Christian girl trying hard to make the best choices possible and make it on her own, seeking a great job and a great guy but knows that those sort of things come in God's timing but sometimes get discouraged.. Please feel free to offer any advice or words of encouragement! Thanks and God Bless!

prayers for Kim

July 25, 2014

As many of you prayer warriors know I often post about my friend. The family could certainly use your prayers. She has lung cancer and she has never smoked. She was diagnosed about two years ago and after many chemo and radiation treatments the doctors have only given her a few months. She is a Christian and a Nurse. She worked at the Medical Center for many years caring for others and she needs us to care for her. Please join with me in praying for her and her two boys. Please pray that God gives her strength and healing if it be his will.

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