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witchcraft, alcohol, and others

August 26, 2015

I would like prayer for my marriage, this lady that my husband dated before me refuses to let him go, she is performing witchcraft on him to lure him away from home every chance she gets. He gets very angry with me and leaves for days, and then comes back like nothing happened. Please pray for this lady that God delivers her and my husband that he is able to fight against this demon

need job and healing for wife

August 25, 2015

My wife and I need prayer. We recently got back together couple months ago praise God. Now wife is unexpected pregnant with our 3rd kid. She is having severe health problems and has not been to Dr we don't have money and apparently we are having problems with state funded aid. My previous employer screwed me over so very bad. I'm unemployed and have been for 2 months, we are out of money. Praise God he allowed my handy man buisness to bring in enough for rent and some food. Pray God will allow me favor with the company I interviewed with and God will open a door of opportunity with a employer. Pray for healing of my wife and that pregnancy will go back to a normal pregnancy. I need a job because we will have to move and will need a bigger car.

Praying for a miracle

August 25, 2015

For the past couple of days we have been looking for a place to rent. We thought we had found someone that was going to help us out and work with us that didn't work out. Then we thought we had a place at the income apartments and that fell threw. So as of Friday we are going to be without a home. I'm so stressed out and on top of it in pregnant. I feel like so giving up and feel as though I am out of options. I work full time but he is just had shoulder surgery and is out until they release him. I know everything happens for a reason and that God says he won't give us anything we can't handle but I'm at a loss and not sure what to do. Please pray that a miracle happens or that it all somehow works out for us.

prayer for my family

August 24, 2015

please pray for my family my father is sick and has always been the leader of our family. my mom works all the time to provide. Deterioration in health along with financial strain is causing depression and anger issues and instead of pulling together these things are pushing us apart. I pray that we can focus on God & love one another through this instead of all the hurt that is going on right now

Holy Psalm91 Meinzers and FAmily Friends

August 24, 2015

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