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April 14, 2014

I really don't know what to do anymore. I love my wife so much but its just not enough. We are going thru so much in our lives with our kids and health that we are losing each other. Now she gave me an alternative. That I am to leave my step son alone and basically not deal with him. I have thought about divorce but my family will only rub my nose in it because they told me it wouldn't work to begin with. So I guess I will be alienated if it does happen. I have the papers all ready to be signed and notarized just needs to be served. Please pray that we stay together....I love her so very much..and her son too but she has gone thru so much she doesn't believe her own family or me either one.


April 14, 2014

Please pray for my cousin who has just been diagnos w/ cancer again, he had it 12 years ago and its back, he has Lymphoma


April 14, 2014

Dear Friends, I am coming in need of prayer once again. My departure date ia drawing closer & there are still so many things unfinished. I have still yet to find employment or housing. I must admit I do get a little frightened when I think about what is to come. I have been offered 2 jobs, but they would require me to miss church. I simply refuse to fall into that trap. I know my relationship with Christ depends on my being free in all areas. God is still here & he has kept me here. I know great things are coming : )

The devil is attacking me through my loved ones

April 14, 2014

Please help me pray for my family. My mother has been very ill since November of last year and no doctors seem to know what is wrong. She has been having panic attacks, constant dizzy spells, chronic insomnia, lost of appetite and no medicine under the sun seems to help. I think it is a punishment to me because I was messing with black magic 1 year ago and decided to stop and throw everything away. Now the devil is attacking everything I love including my 18 year old son whom confessed to me that he THINKS he is bisexual. He also said he doesn't believe in God. I don't know what to do. I feel that God wants nothing to do with me anymore and so has forsaken me. I don't want my family to pay for my sins. Please help me pray for God to forgive me. Thank you.

Relationship Restoration

April 13, 2014

Can you please pray that a friend will call today and desire to mend and bring our relationship back. Lord please answer this prayer in Jesus name, Amen

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