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Move on..

October 05, 2015

just keep my mind in my own business and keep me moving on. I just don't need friends that's gonna hide from me and ignore me, no one deserves that. There own fault that everyone is in this mess. They know how I feel. All I pray for. -JasonJ*Jdawg*


October 03, 2015

I'm asking for prayers for mine and my finances relationship of 10 months not sure of really what happen but he isn't wanting to be with me. Please be in prayer and agreement with me that he will change his mind and want to work things out. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Quit yelling at my kid

October 02, 2015

My daughter keeps getting yelled at by her step dad and he calls her horrible names and then thinks she should willingly spend time with him. She's a teen and he is wrong. She leaves the house all she can and he critizes this behavior too. The child is Godly, excellent grades and has many friends. Please help the step dad to change his ways. Please Lord convict his heart and tune it to Your love and kindness


October 02, 2015

I am asking for prayers. I am a single mom, struggling so much to raise my daughter. I'm 22. She's almost 3. I've made a ton of mistakes in my life. The only thing in my life that is NOT a mistake is my baby girl. If it hadn't been for God blessing me with my baby, I would've given up and probably just turned to the wrong crowd of people again and end up in trouble and everything. My baby has made my life so much better and turned it around. I struggle and work my butt off to provide for her, even go without food sometimes to make sure she has food in her belly, a bath, and a roof over her head. It's stressful, I brake down crying from the stress and I begin thinking "I can't do this, there's no way." Then I hear my daughters voice going "Mommy." And kissing me and hugging me, and every day, when she hugs me and smiles, I know God is testing me. It's tough, but through WCQR, every day when I get in my car or turn my phone app on, their songs and voices, and my daughters smiles, help me get through it all, my daughter even listens along to this station and dances and tries singing along.. I guess what I'm asking is just for prayers that things will get a little easier for me and for my daughter.


October 02, 2015

Since 2013 my wife and I have been following a calling from God, which lead me to establish my own business and leave my job as a manager of other firms in our industry. the Lord has provided. Yesterday we met with our banker and the time has come that our business loan be restructured. the banker is a Godly man and has been more that gracious with us, but he has to keep with regulation set forth by the bank and government, thus meaning that with in the next 30 day we have to come up with a balloon payment and then our monthly payment will increase significantly. Please remember us in your prayer's. we pray that God will increase our business to be able to meet the new obligations and also continue to give back to him a portion of what he's blessed us with, and that we may also be blessed enough for us to finally be on payroll. We know that God will provide, but a few extra prayers never hurt.

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