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Need prayer ASAP

July 17, 2014

I ask you to lift my co-worker JW in prayer. They have lied about me and cursed me to the point that I'm severely depressed. God knows what happened. I need God to convict and weigh it heavily on their heart to do the right thing. Please pray. In Jesus Name, Amen.


July 16, 2014

Please pray for our family business. Things are so slow right now, really struggling to make bills. We have about bills coming through tomorrow, and cash is just not in there. I have never cried and prayed so much as I have in the past couple of weeks. It is like we can not battle this storm, and the flood gates have open on us. We need that rainbow, we need that miracle. Please just surround our place of business and bring customers in. It is so frustrating when you pray and pray and it feels like nothing is happening. Please bring that comfort to me that God is truly in this, and he will bring us through the storm.

Urgent Unspoken!

July 20, 2014

God has been working miraculously in my family and now satan is on the prowl. Please pray that God will bind his hands and keep my family safe.

Restoration of marriage and family

July 20, 2014

We are really struggling,we don't talk about our problems,when we do it just ends up being a huge fight.I have been praying for restoration for a long time,but I also realize we need to be obedient to god and put him first in our lives.I am conflicted constantly with honoring my vows,to stay married,i believe that's what god wants for us,but then i hear things like put no one before god,if your husband does not want you to serve and grow there a point when u say enough is enough or,do i wait on the lord,and he will restore in his time,my husband is against church and being involved in church functions,he says we have to many problems to add more.We are a blended family and have several children related issues,please pray God changes our hearts and restores our family,please pray for me to have the strength to fight for my marriage.tonite he told me if im that unhappy leave,but i don't want to leave I just want him to work on our problems,not shut me out,i pray god softens his heart.i'm just so hurt cause all i want is to make my family work,but I feel alone,prayers please.

Copper Hill Mission trip

July 19, 2014

First off a big thank you to all those whom prayed for our group when we went to the Dominican Republic. It was an awesome time and great to see God work in foreign missions. Now we are going to a local mission in TN with a focus on home repair through Team Effort. Pray our group will show God's love through this work and will grow in unity. Thanks again.

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