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Trying to weather the storm

September 16, 2014

I am asking for prayers for my husband and I and our two children. We are going through some rough times right now but I know the lord will see us through the storm. Please help us pray that the burdens in our life will soon come to pass.

For God to strengthen me and bring me peace

September 16, 2014

I'm going through a divorce and need encouragement to help me keep my head above water, I work two part time jobs which are taking most of my time ( up to almost 19 hrs a day) .Although I'm not making very much money every two weeks , but for the life of me I can not get ahead.I owe about 1500.00 in medical expences, live by myself I cant seem to get on budget. Although this divorce was not my plan , I've ask my soon to be ex to help me he's refusing to.I left this marriage not to be with anyone else but to see if maybe he would change , all it did was prove me right, after being married for the last 6 years , living as roomates for the last 4 & a half years with no communication all he wanted was me gone, now I'm fighting demons to stay sane,I don't want pity , Just for a little while to just wake up and feel peace. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers and for taking time to read this . God Bless you ALL.

Prayers for friend with cancer

September 15, 2014

My friend Carrie needs prayers desperately! She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer earlier this year. She had surgery and has been receiving treatment but not doing well. She saw the doc today and they found another tumor on adjacent tissue. The doc thinks it may also be cancer! She is really feeling down and defeated! The devil is working hard to bring her down! She is always such a positive person and it is sad to see her struggling with this! Please pray for a good pathology report and for courage and comfort to overcome! Thank you!

my mom

September 15, 2014

prayers please for my mom as she goes for a colonoscopy today....prayers that all goes well and e/thing is my sister passed away from colon cancer a few months ago....and my mom has been having some problems...thanks so much!!

Feel like my last chance

September 14, 2014

My health has been declining for years. I have a diagnosis, but traditional Dr's don't treat it. Alternative Dr's are not that informed either. My case is severe, and could kill me if I don't get treatment. The only Dr who has done a lot of research is on the west coast and costs an arm and a leg. I need God to step in and act. I am only 30 and this is totally treatable. I just need a way to get help. Please pray for me. I dont feel God's will is for me to die. But, I need His divine help to live.

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