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Work Environment Part 23

February 25, 2015

Dear Prayer Warriors, I am asking God for a change of jobs and in a different organization. The workplace has become extremely toxic and I am struggling to keep working there because it is so oppressive that it is taking its toll on me physically and mentally. I am asking that you petition on my behalf that there would be a change in job very soon if it is in His will. Please pray that by God's grace that He would find me a new organization to work for. I request that He opens wide another door for me. This is only to be done in His will and not my own. If there are further things He wants me to learn from in the current circumstance, I pray for strength to handle them and that I would glorify Him and that He would hold be as righteous. Also lift up in prayer, the subordinates that work for me, for they are under attack as well


February 24, 2015

please pray that if it is God's will my husband will get his promotion we need it really bad . Back 3 almost 4 years ago he was layed off and thank goodness for this job but he lost 7.00 on the hour so we have took a big cut and now have a child we need this really bad it won't put Him back to the 18.00 he was making but it will help a lot every little bit helps


February 24, 2015

Me and my daughter lost our home it will be to years n June I had so love the place I was staying nice and peaceful. I pray I pray that they would get another trailer back there for rent never thinking about buying I just wanted to go back leave there. I do hair in I was telling my aunt I was looking to buy a trailer she said they have one for 3,000 in the trailer park was living in for sale I was like omg I been wanting to go back there she give me the woman number I called the very next day.She said they have someone else wanting to buy it the woman had to call by Friday if she dont its Yours God Please lead me ir way cause that's where I really want to be.. Prayers Needs thanks be bless

prayers for my sister and her dog!

February 24, 2015

my sister is 24 and always settles for guys that are just no good.. The guy she is with now is married with two kid and doesn't work. She was raised better but makes such poor choices. This guy is abusing her poor dog. We are trying every way in the world to keep the dog away from them. Just pray for her dog, Diesel, that God will take care of him. And pray for my sister she needs God! Thank you and God Bless!

Please pray with me for our fath, finances and new business.

February 24, 2015

Please pray with me for my faith to grow stronger. Our finances are overwhelming. Our electric bill was all most $400 last month and their is just not enough money to pay our bills. My husband has worked 2 jobs almost the 24 years we have been married and had to let his 2 job go in Sept. due to health issues and now the stress is effecting him physically and mentally. I know that God can see us thru please help me pray for a miracle. I am trying to start a new business with 2 friends but the money & the weather is putting a halt on it. Please pray if it is Gods will we will be a success. Thank you for Pray with me. I know God is the only answer.

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