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marriage restoration and freedom from alcoholism

September 26, 2014

Please pray for my husband, whose alcoholism has spiraled out of control. It has closed his heart to God and our marriage. He is a truly good man struggling with this terrible disease. Please pray for him to find clarity and refuge through the Lord, and to find the strength to get help and repair our marriage. He is in a lot of pain for the abuse he suffered as a child. I know that only God can save him from his pain and addiction. Please pray for him, for us, for me. I don't want to lose him. Thank you.

Pray Warriors

September 24, 2014

I would like everyone to help me pray for several situations. First my mother is battling menopause and is currently in the hospital on the psychiatric floor. Pray that the Lord will give her the strength and courage and humbleness she needs to fight the enemy. Secondly, I currently have a secure career but another career path has opened up. Pray that I listen and be obedient unto the Lord and that he leads me where ever it is he wants me to labour for him. Lastly pray for my marriage that the lord will strength it, our financial situation, for peace in regards to that, for my son who is in kindergarten and that he excels in his academic learning abilities and that he is able to overcome this curve that he is in and pass to the first grade. Also pray for both of my children that they continue to be obedient in the Lord no matter what enemy lies ahead. Pray for peace over our country in this time of war. Pray for pastor Wayne and for our church pray that the Lord sends a blessing and increases our church. Pray that we all are obedient for the Lord and will be in the center of his will at all times and do the labour for his glory. Praise God for all the things that the does and continues to do not only in mine and my family lives but for everyone that has ever known the Lord or has received something no matter how small from the Lord. Thank you all and God Bless.

God Will

September 23, 2014

Recently my wife has left the home not under the best of circumstances...not from abuse or anything. Its something that was done in haste but none the less is gone with her son. I love her very very much and love her son as well but when it comes to discipline she just argues with him and leave me to deal with him and then he doesn't like me of course. I want so much to get back together even if it takes us going to counseling. This is my second marriage and again I love her so much and has so much to offer but I am a comparison to her previous husband and cannot live in the shadow of him. Prayers are appreciated..

Young man with brain bleed / clot

September 27, 2014

Please pray for a young man (family member) with a brain bleed / clot; doctors don't know what to do

Drug addiction

September 26, 2014

I have children that are addicted to drugs. Please pray that God delivery them from bondage and heal our relationship, and if his will is complete healing, please pray for their souls to be saved first.

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