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hiv /discrimination

December 20, 2014

Please pray for my health. I'm fighting a attempted "exposure to aids" charge. I've been a victim of sex trafficking and I need help with my health. No, I don't want to go to jail.

Update: my love

December 17, 2014

I realize there are things that i did wrong and have repented for. I just wonder if she even knows how much i still love her and want her to know that i want to talk to her. I hear my ex posted something on FB that i think applied to me and i am so grateful and happy for it. If is is for someone else then ok...i will accept it and move on. Prayer warriors pray that is Gods will that it was me she was eluding to...if it is...i will be at our most recent place to eat at 6 tomorrow night so we can talk...if for some reason she doesnt see this tomorrow i will be here and be open to talk to her and son....i miss her so very much...our place is GR;s. downtown...she loves the spininich pzza..(ehhh) but she loves it and that what i love about we will see..if there was ever a couple like noah and allie like on the notebook...its me and her today...we will see!!! If this works out this will make one heck of a story for your show...

Pray for Aunt

December 16, 2014

Please pray for Aunt Ruth. She is in the hospital with dehydration from a stomach flu. She has numerous health issue, and we need to pray for her comfort and peace.

reassurance and hope

December 20, 2014

I am asking you to pray for a friend who lost his job last Friday. Please ask God to open doors for him and to provide for him and his family until something becomes available. There is a cloud that is hanging over this family, and it just won't lift. They need reassurance and hope. They are a good Christian family, but their faith has been shaken. Thank you!

4 year old daughter's surgery

December 16, 2014

My 4 year old daughter has to have surgery dealing with two cysts that are on her face. One is on her eyebrow and the other beside her ear. I am terrified about her being sedated. Please pray for peace for me and healing for my daughter, pray for the surgeon and staff performing the hospital. The surgery is the 23rd. I want to thank each and everyone of you that pray for my precious little girl, I appreciate it more than I could ever say. Thank you Lord for your family in this time of need.

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