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failed paramedic exam

August 29, 2015

i would like to thank the people who prayed for me for my exam. i did fail the exam and now need prayer that GOD will help me study the wright things and retain what i study rot the next test. after working 9 years on the back of a ambulance i know my skills and what to do and when to do it but this test is not on skills its about test taking with 2 correct answers on some questions so thats where GOD comes in with the listeners of this great station i try to have faith to pass this test next time but with the prayers of everyone out there i can do all things through christ who strengthin me. thank you all for the prayers. p.s my next test will be in about 4 to 5 weeks


August 28, 2015

I posted the other day and appreciate the prayers. I am in a finacial crisis at this time. It all began with an old debt that I was unable to pay. So many years later this has come back to haunt me. But instead of crying in self pity, I am praising God because on 9/11 I will be free and clear of this debt and will never have to deal with it again. So what has happened is my bank account has been garnished to pay this debt. I got paid today but the bank took the entire amount. I have less than 75.00 to buy gas to get to work. My next pay check , the majority of it will go to pay the debt. But as I said on that day it will free me up from it. I am trusting God He will provide all I need. If all I need in the next month is gas money then I thank Him for that. But I cant help but worry about my electricity and water being turned off plus getting behind on my house payment and car payment. I did this to myself and am in no way asking for anyone to get me out of it. I am counting down the days until I can shout I am free and clear. God is using this difficulty for me to share with others. A testimony to His love and goodness and kindness and mercy and His amazing Grace.I am asking in complete humbleness and sincerity for prayers that my bills can be paid and God will deliever me from this mountain I built myself. When I look back I never asked God was I making the right decision. I have been asking that He take all that is displeasing in me out and to show me what He takes. So in my shame He has shown me my greed and love for money. Yuck , hard words to come from me and gross I dont want to ever have that in me again. I completely trust Him to provide and sooth my worries and give me peace. Sept will be a hard long month for me. I am asking for sincere prayers for and mercy to encase me. Thank You Father for all You do and for being You. Thank you to all who take your precious time to pray for me. Believe me I feel them. This last week I have slept with my Bible , waking up and it is still in my hand. This past week instead of carrying my phone in my pocket, I have carried my Gideon Bible I have had since 1994 in my pocket. What comfort I get . I praise God thru this trial for not only freeing me from a chain of debt but also teaching me and pulling out the ugly that is within me. God bless to all and my heart felt love to you and prayers for each person who reads this, prays for me. I am sorry for letting God down and letting others down. May God rain His many blessings upon us all.

job/ family /health

August 28, 2015

Prayer for job transition and balancing ministry & family for God's glory. Also health concerns. Thank you!

Daughter in need

August 27, 2015

Please pray for my daughter she has been abused and needs prayer to get this guy out of her life and out of her house and let God bring her back to her family and back in church pray God will restore her life and her family that loves her.

Holy Psalm91 White Gull Inn

August 26, 2015

Holy John17 Holy Ephesians6 Holy Psalm91 White Gull Inn, Fish creek Wisconsin God's loving will and ideas in Holy Jesusname Holy crossamen

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