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Prayer for strength and wisdom

July 01, 2015

I am wanting to be closer to the Lord, and be a light for others. Ask that you please pray that I receive wisdom and understanding. And I have a woman in my life that I love very much, But she doesn't treat me well and don't see the same way I do on things. Please pray that we get closer to the Lord together, and have a loving and strong relationship with the Lord. Thank you

Want out....

June 30, 2015

God knows what it is! Thank you.

Pregnant Wife and baby's health and protection

June 30, 2015

Dear Pastor, please pray for my wife,she is pregnant now 2months ,but because of my wife health and less gap after 1st babby cesarian i am afraid of death,abortion i dont like to do ,please pray for my wife health,she must live long life with me and give good bith to babby without any problems for both,please pray for my wife and babby to live long life...

pregnant and scared

June 30, 2015

my fiance and i have been having issues for a few months now, i think he is scared of the thought of commitment. We also found out last month that i am pregnant. He suffers from mild depression and anxiety and internelizes everything. Im afraid he is going to leave me. Ive tried giving him space and as of today i havent seen him since last friday and we havent spoken since sunday. Im hurt but im trying to give him space to work though this on his own. I dont want us to end, or him to leave me. i want us to get married and be a family for the sake of our child. Please pray that God will bless us and bring us closer together and closer to God. Pray that my baby is healthy and developing perfectly. pray for him that God eases his stress and he gets on board with this, i dont want him to leave us, hes a good man and i love him very much. i feel broken and in trying to give him time to grasp whats going on i havent told anyone and i feel like im drowning. Please pray that God blesses us and blesses our family. thank you

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