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A dear friend is straying from the faith

April 17, 2014

A dear friend is straying from the faith. Practically running. He says he doesn't care, is cashed out, he's happier back with his old life of drinking, partying, doing whatever he wants, and that he's not depressed, he's happier, and life is hell on earth anyway so live it up. He's been through a lot of hard things in his life, has ptsd, and a situation his son's mom that is very full of anger and hate between the two. I know he is saved, and I know when he's on fire and passionate, he's a force to be reckoned with and I truly believe that he is an easy target for attack becuase of not only his passion for the Gospel and people when he's growing but because of the many vices of his past that still have a grip. He's an easy target. He's tried to do the Christian life on his own, and it's failed, so he thinks it's not what it/God says He is and just ready to give up. He wants God to "show up"...but in a very big way, like, it's obvious, not the little every day things. He doesn't have accountability (right now, doesn't want it), 99% of his friends are ones that aren't good for him in trying to change plus the fact that right now, he doesn't want to. I keep asking him to check himself into Teen Challenge but he says no, he doesn't want to.He got a DWI on Sunday morning and now is facing court. I can't help but think that time in jail would be God's way of getting to him (because he already said when I picked him up that this was a speed bump, he still isn't going to change) or that the court will order treatment and he'll go to TC. His church knows, his mentor in the faith knows, and he's got people praying. I'm asking, begging, you to do the same that God will get a hold of his hard heart and break it, that he will come back to the man of God that I have seen before and know he can be, and that evil powers of this world that attack and entice him back, the strongholds, will be broken and stay that way. And that God works in all of this and restores his son and soon. But please, just pray for D that God would break, work, convict, restore, and that this situation would actually change him and the court will have God leading in the best ruling to be used in this and that the Gospel will have even greater power in His life and testimony.

Urgent Prayer Request**

April 17, 2014

Please pray for the passengers who were on the sunken ferry in South Korea. Pray for the missing passengers to be found and return home safely. Pray for the families and friends affected by this to be comforted and filled with hope. Please also keep in your prayers the missing Malaysian Airlines that they will find out what happen and for the comfort for their families and friends. Thank you everyone


April 16, 2014

Please pray for my husband right now. He's going through a lot of struggles, mentally, spiritually, physically. He is wanting to change direction in his life, and we are praying for guidance from the Lord. Also, please lift up his brother, who desperately needs salvation. Please remember us in our marriage, that we can be made stronger through this, and not torn apart. I know prayer changes things, I am a living testimony of that. Thank you all, my prayer warriors.

Remembering VT

April 16, 2014

I work across the Street from VT. Please be in prayer for those families who lost a loved one on that day. Pray for all who were involved on that day. Pray for Chos family. Send peace into the hearts of this community today, and may the people of this community know that God is with them always.

My sister and family

April 15, 2014

I have been posting prayer for my sister who has liver cancer....she got some test results today which shows her liver and kidneys are not functioning please pray for her and our family....please....thank you!

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