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Provide a Job

April 13, 2014

My husband lost his job in August and has been struggling to find a new one. He is in Texas right now looking. I ask for prayer on his trip and that God opens a door if its His will for us to move there. Also to provide clear guidance on where He wants us to go. We ask for discernment on His will and that a door is opened quickly.

Marriage breakthrough

April 13, 2014

Please continue to lift up my marriage and pray for a breakthrough in my husband. After what started as a pretty ugly argument actually ended up in a long honest discussion the other night. I believe in my heart that my husband doesn't want a divorce but doesn't know how to handle what he is feeling. Please pray for a softened heart and a desire to make our marriage work. During the argument he did say he was meeting with a lawyer this coming week but admitted he had an appointment a few weeks ago but couldn't go through with it. Please pray he will continue to have no peace about the decision to file for a divorce. I also asked him to consider letting is go on our planned vacation in a few weeks and using it as a time to figure what's best for us without any outside influence. He said he would think about it. I'm praying for a breakthrough and I believe God wants my marriage to work. Please pray for me to trust God and be content in the waiting.

Sick Child

April 21, 2014

We need powerful prayers for this little boy named Bentley. He is having brain surgury either today or tomorrow.

Deliverance, repentance, faith unto the LORD

April 19, 2014

Please pray for the LORD not to give up on me. To help me repent and return to him with all my heart mind and soul. I have been living in horrible willful disobedience and harden my heart against him and I need to come back and stop my foolishness. Please pray for my deliverance from anything that hinders me from returning to the LORD and for a burning desire for him to flood my soul.


April 16, 2014

Please pray for my husband right now. He's going through a lot of struggles, mentally, spiritually, physically. He is wanting to change direction in his life, and we are praying for guidance from the Lord. Also, please lift up his brother, who desperately needs salvation. Please remember us in our marriage, that we can be made stronger through this, and not torn apart. I know prayer changes things, I am a living testimony of that. Thank you all, my prayer warriors.

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