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Prayer that i not loose my job and for my marriage

October 16, 2014

I love my job and am able to pray with most of my patients. I took a girl to church with me a few weeks ago, she was at the end of her life, her husband died and she has nobody. I may loose my job for doing this. Please pray the God put mercy in their hearts and let me keep my job. Also, my marriage is not going well. My husband is depressed and drinking and very distant. Please pray that God heal his mind, give him peace and joy and bring his heart back home. We have been married 30 years. I am so lost without him and the idea of loosing my job. Please pray for Father to move in a positive way in both of these problems. Thank you,

I am utterly disappointed...

October 15, 2014

In my past 25 years of my life, whenever someone is in need of help , I will do my best to help them, Relatives, friends, Church friends, I will not turn them down unless I am unable to help. I am now in need of their help financially, but none of them are willing to give me a lending hand, they just shut their doors on me, avoid me, pass remarks about me and my family. I am very very hurt and sad. I do not have future anymore, I have no strength, faith and energy to live on, I am not seeing any hope to move on. I am disappointed when people who seems to be walking very closely with God and simply told me, she will pray for me and is not willing to provide me with a little help, she is my Aunt whom I have all along treated her very nicely, paid for her expenses, car etc and yet she is treating me that way when she has the means to help. Why are they so cruel? I am not asking them to give me, I just need a loan and will pay them back one day. Sorry to take up so much of your time, I am just trying to release my unhappiness and learn to forgive them as I am also asking our Heavenly Father to forgive all my sins. Please pray for me, I need God to send me a financial blessings, I can't stand the stress anymore. Kindly pray for me, I really need your prayers. Blessings to all.

miracles n favors

October 14, 2014

lord i need work as i need finances to move on...please favor me with miracles


October 18, 2014

I need a big miracle to save my marriage


October 18, 2014

I have recently fallen back into an addiction that took me so long to recover from. Please God, help me find my way out before it gets a grip on my me again

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