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daughter healing

April 09, 2014

Please pray for my daughter. She has the stomach bug that she just can't seem to shake. She just started a new job and is afraid she will loose it. Please pray if it is God well he will heal her and that the will understand at the new job. Thank you for your prayers.

Healing, Obediance, and Understanding

April 14, 2014

Overall, my life looks blurry to me. There are times when I know what to pray for, but as I sit here looking at the computer screen I can't decide what I want to type. Sickness haunts me like a dark gloomy cloud, I have lost loved ones more in one year than my entire life, and I seem to struggle at every other task that I take on, including school. I am not in doubt of the love that our Heavenly Dad has for me, I'm just unsure if I am making the right decisions or not. I know that I must have faith that Jesus is there with me and I do, but my faith trembles because of insecurities of all kinds. I am also weary of my behavior and do not understand why I have difficulty with letting go all the bad feelings/thoughts/emotions from my old and shameful life continue to have an effect on me. God gave me this new life, may there not be a minute go by that I don't remember to be grateful and thankful for being blessed with a second chance to live for the true purpose of life. Prayers for a lifted spirit and troubled heart. For unanswered questions of a friends sudden death. College and future home decisions. Financial stability along with a loving and charismatic job that offers health and dental benefits, vacation/sick time, and a happy environment, as I haven't earned the opportunity to have a picture perfect job such as this. Improved health and immune system, living a more fit lifestyle, strengthen relationships with friends, family, those whom I must forgive, and the guy I have been dating for nearly five years. Strengthen all of those who battle with addiction and alcoholism, as their sobriety can be lost in one weak moment. May they continue to remember the reason they chose to become sober. Lord, I pray for only your desires and will. I pray that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, lift up your name and help pray for each other and love on one another. I love and thank you so very much for your limitless amount of forgiveness, tender love and care, and the majestic way that you work in each of us. In your name I pray Father, Amen.


April 14, 2014

Dear Friends, I am coming in need of prayer once again. My departure date ia drawing closer & there are still so many things unfinished. I have still yet to find employment or housing. I must admit I do get a little frightened when I think about what is to come. I have been offered 2 jobs, but they would require me to miss church. I simply refuse to fall into that trap. I know my relationship with Christ depends on my being free in all areas. God is still here & he has kept me here. I know great things are coming : )

Marriage breakthrough

April 13, 2014

Please continue to lift up my marriage and pray for a breakthrough in my husband. After what started as a pretty ugly argument actually ended up in a long honest discussion the other night. I believe in my heart that my husband doesn't want a divorce but doesn't know how to handle what he is feeling. Please pray for a softened heart and a desire to make our marriage work. During the argument he did say he was meeting with a lawyer this coming week but admitted he had an appointment a few weeks ago but couldn't go through with it. Please pray he will continue to have no peace about the decision to file for a divorce. I also asked him to consider letting is go on our planned vacation in a few weeks and using it as a time to figure what's best for us without any outside influence. He said he would think about it. I'm praying for a breakthrough and I believe God wants my marriage to work. Please pray for me to trust God and be content in the waiting.

Laid off-Needing full time job

April 12, 2014

I recently ask for pray to hear about work from some locations that I applied for. I heard back from 1 and I was not hired. I still have not heard from the second job. Please pray that I hear back from this company about future employment.

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