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Please continue to pray for me

October 22, 2014

Please pray for me and my family. We need a HUGE financial miracle urgently. Please pray that my creditors ( Benson, SF, AY, Joeline) will stop to threaten, harass and stress me and my family. Only God can help us! Thanks


October 22, 2014

I know that this is not life or death, but I believe God cares for all our heart's desire. Well, our family of 4 has never been to Dollywood because we can't afford it. All my kids' classmates been there many times over and teased my kids abut it. So sad.

Crazy :-)

October 21, 2014

Please pray for God to open the eyes of "Boaz." Believe me, I'm the first person to say this is crazy, but I have laid out fleece after fleece after fleece for God to remove this desire from my heart or confirm that it is from him. It has been confirmed in ways i would never have imagined. Now, i pray for discernment that "Boaz" will also hear from God. And yes I said this is crazy. And my God specializes in the crazy!

The Enemy...My Health/Weight...My Finances

October 19, 2014

I want to thank you for reading my request. I have been struggling with trying to get my weight under control and to get my tremendous debt under control. Everytime I try to address this I feel like a weight pulling me back down. I feel defeated. I am just asking for prayer to help me move ahead with paying off my debt, loosing weight and continue with honoring god. I thank you so much.

Hurting Husband

October 17, 2014

I have recently celebrated 5 years of marriage with my husband. It has been a hard 5 years but it has still been worthwhile. My husband is a young man but suffers from PTSD and some form of manic depression/with bipolar tendencies. He refuses to seek treatment. I ride out the highs and lows with him the best I can. Right now we have hit one of the lowest points with him wanting a divorce just to revert back to a life of solitude. We joined the church when we got married but we lost our way about a year ago -- I have since returned to church. Growing up in church, I always feel the Lord calling me when I have wandered too far. It's a little harder for him because I don't know if he has ever really been saved. Right now his heart is very hard towards God and me. I ask for your prayers for him that God will touch him and heal his hurting soul, that he will bring him some peace in the midst of his conflicted heart. I pray that God will use this low time in our marriage to build up a stronger marriage centered around him. I humbly ask for ALL the prayers I can get to save our marriage.

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