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September 29, 2015

I pray the Lord pours out His favor upon me. He would continue to move and lead my direction. I pray He will open a door of opportunity at Eastman, and cause the recruiters to look upon me with favor. Thank you

Please join me in prayer for my hubby

September 28, 2015

Please pray with me for my poor husband. He is dealing with a lot of pain in his back and shoulder, and glucose issues that makes him feel sick. He hasn't slept in two nights already. I was praying he would get some rest tonight and now his restless leg syndrome is giving him a fit. So unless it eases up this will be third night with no sleep at all. And he had a bad day at work today too. Please pray for him. I feel so sorry for him. I wish I could help. I'm trying to do all I can for him. Please pray wisdom and strength for both of us and me so that I can help him as good as I can. Thank you!

Strength & Guidance

October 01, 2015

Facing several challenges and divides in the road. Request prayer for strength to endure, guidance to make the right decisions and peace to hear God's still small voice. Thank you.

Military Service

September 30, 2015

Please pray for my husband's faith to return, for our marriage to be fully restored, for his emotional and psychological healing, for my emotional healing, and for our home to be a place of joy and thankfulness. Please pray that there are no more deployments for my husband. Please, please pray for his healing. Thank you.

Continued Prayers for Marriage Counseling

September 30, 2015

Please continue to remember my Husband, myself and our two precious boys when you pray. We go for our third marriage counseling session on Friday and I still feel helpless and hopeless and unable to read my Husband. I want so badly for him to sign a document to put the divorce on hold, but he says he is not willing to do that in case things don't work out we won't have to start all over again with the divorce. I know that God called me to this marriage and to this man. I made my commitment to him for the rest of my life, and I was very serious when I did so, those were not just words to me. I still love him with everything in me. I pray for God to speak to his heart, help him to release his anger and realize that divorce in not the answer. I pray that God would send someone, anyone to be a witness to him. I know with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. He is the GOD of MIRACLE, I am trusting in the LORD to preform a MIRACLE in this marriage. I am proclaiming it! I will not give up! Thank you Lord!

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