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November 23, 2014

Lord please restore my marriage and family


November 22, 2014

I am a recruit police officer and have to take a physical agility test on Tuesday Nov 25th. I ask those that have time to spare please pray that I dont mess up and pass as I will loose my job if I dont pass. I am the sole provider of my household and work as a full time reserve police officer until I pass the full time police academy. I left my secure job of two years for this opportunity as I felt God moved me in this direction. Im the only provider of my household and will loose everything and not be able to pay for my sick childrens medications which are very costly. I also ask that you pray for people to stop spreading rumors and lies about me at work which is causing me much grieve. I ask God to bless those that pray for me and family and may you find his favour.

Prayer for hand

November 25, 2014

Please pray for me, I am having pain in my hand and the doctors haven't been able to help. Prayer for my sons and ex husband to return to God and start serving him again. My mother also needs to return to God and remove the blinders that are on her eyes.

God's help for my Father

November 21, 2014

Hello all, I am in need of prayers for my father. He has the pain of a broken heart. This has not been the best year for him as my mother filed for divorce and it was final on August 1st. I love both of my parents, but the pain my father has from holding onto hope has pulled my heartstrings. My mother found remittance and new found friendships and yet my father still tries to hold on. His mind has been clouded from the murder of his mother at 15. Today he now has lost his job. I Pray Lord, that my father can find forgiveness, healing and strength to let go of the past and bask in the future. In Jesus name I Pray. Amen

Daughter depression

November 25, 2014

Please pray for my daughter. She is fighting depression and mood issues. She had an amazing boyfriend that she pushed away as well as her friends and family. Please let her be healed and realize what she is doing

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