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Back Pain

March 23, 2015

I'm having severe back pain. I know we serve an all mighty and healing God. I'm praying it's nothing serious. Maybe a pulled or strained muscle. I can't take off work nor do I have insurance. But I do have faith in our God!

Healing& Freedom from Fear

March 23, 2015

I am in need of some serious healing from physical, mental and what I believe to be a soulful pain, the kind of pain just lingers and continues to keep real joy and fulfillment from coming into my life. I say this because not only do I fight with depression and anxiety constantly, but also a lot of misplaced guilt and oppression. Just when i think Its under control or at least manageable, here it comes again and I'm just so tired of the grief, fear and constant sorrow I feel, this anguish among other things like imflamation of the joints and extremely frustration (annoying) skin problems cause me lots of pain and makes it extremely hard to function in a lot of ways at times. It's been very hard for me to pray about anything or even attend church for quite some time now and it has to end, I'm only 38 years old and shouldn't have to feel this way nor even entertain the thoughts of anything other than total prosperity coming to take me over, I should be so elated, overflowing with joy and entering into a time of life where either I really begin to blossom and see the promises of God and the desires of my heart coming into manifestation or at least feel more stable, happy and content. Even a measure of this would be better than feeling like I will always be in this unfulfilled stagnant way of living, it makes me wonder if I have met the real Jesus because according to His word, my life should be extremely different by now. Thanks to all in advance!

please pray for me about a possible job

March 22, 2015

Please pray for me,I called an old boss tonight and asked for a job,I moved from Tennessee end of Jan.left everything behind but my clothes,he said he will call me Wednesday, I just hope and pray that this is the job God is giving me back to replace the one I left behind,in Jesus name

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