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April 13, 2014

Please pray for God to heal me completely from anxiety and depression. I am working with a Christian psychiatrist and counselor, but transitioning through medications has left me physically and mentally so weary. Pray that God guides these dr.'s and that He works through them to bring about emotional whole beds, and that someday, I will not need medication.

Return to the LORD

April 13, 2014

Please pray that the LORD heals my backsliding; for my deliverance from homosexuality (and any other satanic strongholds); my repentance toward God and faith unto the Lord Jesus Christ.Thanks and God bless you.

Ferry Victims Still Trapped!

April 20, 2014

Please pray for the remaining trapped victims of the S Korean ferry. It's such a devastating situation with over 250 still not found. Hope for their survival is getting slimmer with passing time. Pray with me that if anyone still has their breath left, that God would sustain them. Let's show the world how Christians care in these times and God is able. How, despite man's incompetence and slowness and complacency, God can still come through for us. Pray with me for a miracle, please.

8 year old needs help with Family

April 17, 2014

My 8 year old Student..Came to me and told me here parents have been arguing a lot lately she hates it..because it is about her most of the time.. I asked if there was violence she said some slamming doors..and one time her Dad had her sit down to talk with force..And was yelling at here..If you new this girl there is no reason to act this way. So I am scared for her safety...And if it is God's will to have her get out of the situation and to have her family to come to the Lord. She has started coming to church.

The devil is attacking me through my loved ones

April 14, 2014

Please help me pray for my family. My mother has been very ill since November of last year and no doctors seem to know what is wrong. She has been having panic attacks, constant dizzy spells, chronic insomnia, lost of appetite and no medicine under the sun seems to help. I think it is a punishment to me because I was messing with black magic 1 year ago and decided to stop and throw everything away. Now the devil is attacking everything I love including my 18 year old son whom confessed to me that he THINKS he is bisexual. He also said he doesn't believe in God. I don't know what to do. I feel that God wants nothing to do with me anymore and so has forsaken me. I don't want my family to pay for my sins. Please help me pray for God to forgive me. Thank you.

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