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Marriage restoration

January 24, 2015

Please pray for my husband, our marriage, and our family... He has been having an affair for 8 months... I found out a few months ago and he told me it was over, but the truth is, it was far from over... We desperately need an intervention from the Lord! We have an almost 2 year old little boy and our baby daughter is due next month! He plans on leaving our family soon after she is born (I guess he is feeling guilted in to staying now because of our girl).... I know God's timing isn't ours and I am trying so hard to wait on Him... Please pray for my patience also..... I want more than anything for our family to be whole again..... Waiting is hard.... Especially when I know his feelings for me right now.... I am desperate for God.... Please lift us up to our Lord and stand in the gap on my family's behalf.... Pray my husbands eyes will be opened and his heart broken to true repentance before God!

God knows

January 24, 2015

God knows my intense need. No words can express those needs, but He knows. I'm trusting Him to deliver..... PLEASE GOD!!!!


January 23, 2015

I pray for my husband salvation. I also pray that the holy spirit overwhelm him with love.Were separated and he plays mind games.He threatened to take his life if I don't answer the phone.I know that the Lords word is powerful and true. I come up against every demonic spirit that he accepts because We are one.I stand in the gap for him because Satan has a very powerful hold on him.I ask in Jesuse name that someone comes into agreement with Me.He said were two or more are gathered together he's in the mist distance cannot be a hindrance.So in the name of Jesus he's freed,sanctified and redeemed. Amen


January 26, 2015

please prayer for my father, he has congestive heart failure and other health problems. He fell about a month ago and from that he had a head injury that has caused some confusion. I truly believe that he has given up.


January 26, 2015

Unspoken prayers . Please god knows what it is .

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