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October 01, 2014

I am asking all of you to help me pray for my husband. He hasn't been reading his bible like he should, like he used to. He seems angry almost all the time. He has backslidden. It hurts my heart so much. He hurts my heart. Please pray God will open his eyes and being him back. Thank you.

Heart Idols

October 01, 2014

Please pray that The LORD helps me pull down, break, destroy, and burn my heart idols (entertainment, ungodly frienships, Internet foolishness, pride, etc.) and that He draw me close to Him and that I grow in grace and knowledge of The LORD. That He protects me from the wiles of the devil and my family coworkers and enemies. That He uses me mightly for His name sake and keeps me on the strait and narrow with Him, overcoming by the power of His might, bearing my cross, walking by faith in Him, bearing much fruit for His glory and namesake, walking in The Spirit, walking in humility, in love, in peace and in all the fruits of the Spirit and producing them for His glory. Please pray that I love and forgive me family and enemies and all people who have wronged me and not bear any grudges against them. Thanks and God bless you.

Family Reunited, Monday very important day

October 01, 2014

Please pray for events on Monday to go well for my family and for God's presence, power, and glory to be shown. Events on Monday will have a significant impact in many areas of our lives, most importantly though, my family finally being back together. We ask that God's will be done, our family be reunited and all glory be given to God. Thank you and God Bless.

God's Vision/ Will of his direction, plans, completely for our lives

October 01, 2014

Gods Will in our marriage, our children's lives, families lives, to help reach the lost for our heavenly Father!!!

Financial and Job seeing

October 02, 2014

Could I please get prayers. I just finished college and desperately need a good job in my field of experience. I also have a large bill coming due this month, If I can't come up with it I will loose my truck. I will need it to get me back and forth to interviews and hopefully a job soon. Also unspoken prayers. I just had an awakening with the Lord and he has showed me a lot about my life. Pray that I will be able to follow him in the way that he expects. He is using me now for something and am afraid I might head in the wrong direction and not get done whatever it is he needs me to do. Thank you and God bless!!!!

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