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relationship and court decision

May 01, 2016

Please bless Jennifer with a loving Christian husband and family. Please bless me to live to see this. We both wonder if it is the pastors son. He claims to others he likes her but she as not been ask by him on a date. Please let her know if he is the one you have chosen for her. Please bless me with case dimissal and record expungement.

Let all goe back to normal Monday

May 01, 2016

5/2 and past presentation on 5/4. Finals the second and third week also. Just do well especially with this class on 5/4 which also has a final mainly this class. God knows the little demons and details about it.

Carry me into new realm of blessings

April 30, 2016

Heavenly Father , I pray to you in Jesus name, I am in vital phase in my life which necessitate your intervention, Intervene my financial life with your giving power , i want it from your hand, Open the hidden resources of the kingdom for me nowadays, Recommend your angels Lord to carry me into a new realm of blessings, Open all the closed doors have been shut by the enemy, You are my family for i have no one except you, and you are everything and you are all in all. In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Found Out More Truth Today....**Jdawg**

April 30, 2016

I saw one of my former workers & friend "Phylis" today at work. I found out something today in my situation. She had asked me if I had seen Paul. I told her flat out, we're no longer friends, they tried to put me in jail over a crime i did not commit to 3 years ago. Phylis went on to say something like 'they've been doing alot stealing here recently'. Next time, I see Phylis, will talk to her more. Obviously, they are still lying. Yes, I am finding out things the hard way, since they won't tell me anything. I just pray to God they're smart enough not to steal from his own parents. But, God, I'm finding out more stuff, but, if they're stealing, they need to be in trouble for what they've done to other people! PERIOD! -JasonJ**Jdawg**

Prayer for change in employment

April 29, 2016

Please pray that as a Veteran, real soon, I get a new job back in the government system, in Jesus mighty name. AMEN

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