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relationship and marriage

May 29, 2016

I pray that you will bless my daughter with a Christian loving husband and family and only you know if that person is the pastors son. I pray that you will bless me with case dimmissal and record expungement.

Deep Prayers for Marriage

May 25, 2016

I am seeking a divine miracle in my life and in that of my marriage. my husband and i have been walking the tightrope of divorce and i am asking the Lord to intervene. Lord, we love each other very much but the devil has played in our union, split us apart, pinned us against one another and has opened the door to another in his life. Lord I am standing for my husband and asking that you intervene, that you block his pathway, that you bind their unholy relationship, that when he moves to do something against our union that you stand before him and condemn him of his wrong doings. That you turn something in her so that she can seek out someone else for companionship. That you quiet the lions around him and spoil the plans that she seeks & the thoughts that my husband can live this double life. Renew and restore our marriage, shower our finances with abundance and give us the opportunity to have a beautiful marriage. What you have put together may no man put asunder. Please Lord, hear my prayer, desperately seeking your intervention. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

Indiana Trip **Jdawg**

May 24, 2016

Looking forward to my trip to the Hoosier trip starting next Monday. Anxious to a few of old friends and classmates. It marks a new chapter in my life of moving forward and leaving the extreme pain behind me. As I said before, if they continue to refuse to help me out..heck with them..It's time to leave the pain behind. Only God can help me out! -JasonJ**Jdawg**

Direct deposits and other needs....

May 23, 2016

Secure direct deposits 5/25 Wed LORDGOD and thank you for supplying my needs. Smooth transitions with all of my schooling at university level, classes, pell grant, loans, f.aid that I am paying back as I go now; may all go through and clear. I am on my last semester and need a lot of prayer since there is bias and a dangerous campus allow me to finish by Dec Jan 2016-2017 with Diploma in hand. Pass all tests espeically the one this July which is manditory.

Hope, help & healing

May 21, 2016

8 1/2 years ago my father, Dan, sustained a spinal cord injury in a freak accident at home. He has fought so hard over the years to do as much as he possibly can without help. Over the past year he his ankle has started giving out on him. A long-awaited MRI brought discouraging news that they can't find anything wrong and have no answers to why he is falling. Please pray... -for his safety; he has already hit his head a few times during falls, we are terrified that he will seriously injure himself in a fall. -for courage; he has overcome so many obstacles since his spinal cord injury and is becoming increasingly discouraged at his body's deterioration -for answers; he is being referred to yet another provider to investigate the cause of his falling. We need answers! -for healing; pray that whatever is going on in his ankle that it can be healed. He has so much living left to do and needs his body to hold up longer! Thank you!

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