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Going through things

July 13, 2014

I am currently going through a tough spot in my Spiritual Life. I need God's love and guidance to lead me on and through this.

Gods will for my life

July 13, 2014

I thankfully have many blessings and opportunities being presented to me and none of these things could have been done without God. I fear though, that with these opportunities I want to make the right decisions and not force my own desires. I pray that with all that I do that I find a way to glorify God and to honor Him. I'd hate to think the exciting opportunities I'm faced with are temptations. I want these great things and opportunities but I want it to also be what God wants for my life.


July 13, 2014

My husband and I are 3 months newlywed and are adjusting to life together. After our honeymoon, we were home for 2 weeks before I was admitted to the hospital for a month with a sudden illness. Though I am back home now, all in all I think we both feel like our "honeymoon phase" kind of got stolen from us. Right now I just pray that The Lord would help me see what I need to do to help improve the intimacy in our marriage and help me to improve my attitude and recognize the good and not only the issues with my spouse. I also pray that God would move him to continue to intentionally pursue me and spend the type of time with me that would help encourage romance and intimacy in our relationship again. I love my husband very much and I know he loves me equally and this is just one of many phases in our marriage that we will work through but I ask God to walk with us and help show us the way through.


July 13, 2014

In the natural world this won't sound good or look good but thank God that MY God operates in the supernatural!!! Please pray for my marriage to be restored & that my husband of 4 years will return home immediately. He is walking outside of the Will of God & he's deserted me. Its been 4 months since he walked out-left me with all the bills & my child from a previous marriage w/no money, and NO warning and he has yet to contact me and say why he left even though I know what he's done. He went to live with his mom so she will pay his bills. He has lied, deceived, committed adultery, abandoned me 2 times for 4 or more month; and a lot of over nighters. He sits with his sister, mom and 3 daughters to plot & scheme "evil plans" behind my back and lying about me. He says he is a God fearing Christian but is not acting like it. I am in desperate need of your prayers to save my marriage, and my family!! I have no one to stand in the gap with me to add power to my prayers. He moved to TX last week to live w/his mom so she will pay his bills, (NOT OURS-HIS! I pay the ""ours" bills.) I know i am battling Satan & not my husband & I need help praying for him. Please stand w/me in prayer, believing that God will change this heart of stone and cold spirit into a loving compassionate heart and a new spirit. Pray for deliverance of strongholds and bondages...and that he will live his life FOR God worrying about what God says he should do, not his mom, sister, and grown daughters...also let go of greed, get a job so that he can provide, be the spiritual leader for our marriage and family. Be the person and husband God created him to be. Stop running and be still. Amen!!!


July 12, 2014

If there was ever a time that I need a mighty, mighty prayer army it is now. As I previously reported, I secured a short term position scheduled to begin on July 14. Unfortunately, due to (pending) verification of education and 1 employer, I will not begin work. I am devastated. Despite securing the proof from the school that I do possess a Master Degree, it has essentially been overlooked. I was also told that if I can find W2's regarding a now defunct employer, it may/may not help. Yet, I have been deceived before when told that if I provide a copy of my degree, it would suffice. SATAN! If this weren't enough, I received notice from my landlord, that she needs to file for an eviction on me next week. I have been trying in vain to raise the funds necessary to satisfy the delinquency; but, as of right now, I have nothing. I don't even have money to provide food for me and my little dog, Lil Man. SATAN! GOD, please have mercy on my soul! You said that you would never put more on us than we can bear. But, how much can one person take? Please, God, open up the window of heaven and pour out an (URGENT) financial blessing! Please stand in agreement that God will soon provide for my needs before it is too late! Your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. May God continue to bless. -Deb & Lil Man

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