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April 10, 2014

Please pray for daughters to keep God in their hearts and for Him to guide them and jeep them on the right path. Please prayer for me to find peace, contentment and God's will in my life. For me to be able to relax and be happy. Pray also for a few unspoken requests. Thank you.

please pray

April 10, 2014

please pray for restore whole healing process.. Please GOd to give back what He tried to give back or give me fully completely as originally belong to me ..

Salvation and Stress

April 08, 2014

I am committed to praying for my friend's salvation each day and am asking for others to join me in praying for him as well. I know that he is not very open to such discussions and I do not want to push him away so I am asking for prayers of guidance as well. Please pray for SML, that God would touch and soften his heart towards hearing God's word, thank you !

relationships and marriage

April 16, 2014

God, i pray that the older band guy does not give up on asking my daughter out on a date. She really likes him and thinks he is sweet. He was missing from church on Sunday and she is concerned he has given up on her. My daughter has been hurt by other guys and she is only being cautious about a guy being sincere.Please help him understand how she feels. She does care about him alot and wants to get to know him better. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

update on family and need direction

April 15, 2014

My son is still struggling with school but not as much. His behavior is better at school but not so good at home, he often pits me and my husband aginst each other, but my husband will not see this and puts everything on my shoulders now because Iam not working. I have not found work and had decided to wait till my son got out of school in June to make any serious attempts . Now, I feel as if I may never be able to go back to work because my son still needs someone up under him , to get him to do anything. I am starting to have fights with my husband more, we fight mostly over our son going back to the private school next year, I don't want him to. It is a waste of money, our son does not want to do the work and trying to take care of our home, pets , and small farm is just too much on me . I am praying God will help me find work teaching at a cosmetology school or doing product teaching for a company to help us out money wise , but to also know that all the time , work and money I put into trying to build my career back up in cosmetology and then getting my inscturors license was not in vain. Please continue to pray for those people who need the Lord , they have started trying to bother me again . If this continues after June , I will have to take 3 of them to court and I don't want to do that.

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