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Being persecuted at work

July 18, 2014

That God please take away this persecution I suffer from every day from the one person who doesn't believe. I shake every time I hear her voice or have to go anywhere near her. I am looking for other jobs. I can't leave here until I know I have another job to go to. I'm leaving everything at the foot of the cross, but it seems this person is purposely trying to get me to quit. I need all the prayers I can get to combat this in my life.

God, Please Help Us! I Can't Take It Anymore!

July 17, 2014

Hello, its Deb (and Lil Man). Please allow me to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every person who has taken a moment to hold me in thought and prayer. Forgive me for being repetitive; but, lending an ear. At this time, I am way past my breaking point. Is God listening? Does HE even care about all that I am going through? Today, is the second day that Lil Man and I have gone without food. A court notice was affixed to my door for July's rent. The possibility of being evicted (Apr-June) is looming. At 46 years old, the mere thought of being homeless is all too much to bear. Despite launching a fundraiser to garner help, there has been little to no response. I have lost all hope. Why has God forsaken me? I just want this pain to end. Please continue to pray for me.

God's Path

July 17, 2014

Throughout my life I have notice families that are happy. When I say happy I am referring to them be content with what they have, enjoying their jobs and just have a joy for life. What do these families have? A love for Jesus Christ and our heavenly father that is so strong that these other things seem not to matter. I WANT THAT. I have been a Christian for over 30 years but I have been just been going through the motions. I have habits that are unpleasing to God. I have debt to the extent that my family lives from paycheck to paycheck. I am morbidly obese and do not have the energy to interact with my wife and son as they would like. I have a job that although it is a good paying job but I find myself not wanting to go to work and addicted to my phone watching the clock for time to get off, mainly because I feel that I am not qualified for my job and have anxiety about doing it. I am sorry for continuing this on and on but I need prayer. I want to find the path that God has for me so that I will be content and happy with my job. I want to have the desire and drive to lose this weight so that I can spend more time with my family doing things they want to do. I want more than anything for God to help me be the Spiritual head of my house and for my wife and son to see my commitment to being a Godly man and doing what it right and just in the eyes of our heavenly father. Thanks,

Please come against the strongman and Demons coming against my marraige

July 16, 2014

Please stand in the gap for the restoration of my marriage. I claim in Jesus name that my husband loves me like christ loves the church and that he is a godly man and he is coming home in Jesus name, No weapon formed against my marriage shall prosper, No women can come in between what god has put together and a three fold cord is not easily broken in jesus name, Anger bitterness and resentment have no place in our marriage in Jesus name

Wife's Continued Pain

July 16, 2014

Please pray for my wife Carla. She has been in extreme pain for many months. The doctors still do not know what to do for her or what the problem is. She has continues to have pain throughout her entire body. She is in bed most of the time. We need a miracle of the healing touch of Christ. Hard to watch her suffer. Thank you

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