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Prayer for healing and salvation

August 18, 2014

Please pray for my Uncle James. He is fighting Lymphoma for the second time. He is not saved. I pray every day for his salvation, but I know more prayers can help. Thank you!

Please, Help My Friend-Deb & Lil Man

August 18, 2014

I am writing this on behalf of my friend Debbie and her little Chihuahua Lil Man. She is extremely depressed and I fear that she doesn't want to be here anymore. I am also going through a difficult time for I have been unemployed for more than a year and can't find a job. In just 2 days Deb will be homeless. If there is a kind hearted soul out there that can help her secure the monies that are owed to keep her in her home, we will be extremely appreciative. She needs to have hope again and know that someone cares. Thank you and may God bless.

Prayers for my husband

August 18, 2014

Please pray for my husband. He is struggling right now. Pray that the Lord sees us through and protects my husband. Thanks.

God please help...

August 18, 2014

God, just need your help in a bad situation. I'm just really tired of looking for answers about my demise from my friends. I'm just tired of people being selfish. Just want them to listen to me & let me tell my side of the story. The past 2 years have really eaten me up, especially my mind. Just really tired God, my counseling is helping me, but this still really bogs me down. I think that's what this whole thing was meant to be. to get me mentally crazy. Just please God, I am crying for your help. It's your will & it's in your hands. It really stinks when NO one will let listen. You know my story. IJNIP, AMEN!

Preparing To Be Homeless/Death-Deb & Lil Man

August 17, 2014

Many thanks to all who held me and my Chihuahua, Lil Man in thought and prayer. I held out hope that God would provide the monies that we needed to save our home. It was not meant to be. I was led to believe that I would receive help from my Church/Pastor, Lomax AME Zion Church, Arlington VA, only to be turned away. He didn't even offer any other alternative: Do you have a place to stay? Can we help you with storage? Moving? Nothing. I fought a good fight; but, on Wednesday, 8/20, Lil Man will lay down and die together. God never cared about all that I have been going through. If he did, he would have been true to HIS word; and, spared me and everyone else like me who is suffering so much. I do wish everyone the best, and do hope that all your prayers will be answered. Good-bye and be blessed.

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