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Depressed and Confused

August 19, 2014

My husband left me after nearly 12 years of marriage. I was not able to conceive during that time and he had multiple affairs, the last resulting in a pregnancy. He left me to be with them. My heart is so broken. I feel unloveable and rejected. My car was repossessed because I couldn't afford the payments. My home is in foreclosure because even though I was giving him money to pay the house payment, he wasn't. I am so hurt and angry by all of this because it feels like I'm the one being punished while he just walks away and gets everything he has ever wanted. The divorce is taking a lot longer than it should have and the longer it takes the worse off I am. I am trying to remodify my home loan but I can't until I can get his name off of it. He won't do that until the divorce is finalized so it's a crazy little circle that seems to never end. To top it all off I have been feeling a lot of urges lately to pray for my marriage. I keep trying to remind God that there is no marriage to pray for and that there is no chance at reconciliation but I still get that urge. The problem is I did give him another chance and the second time he left, he left me in a worse situation than before. I felt at that time God was telling me to take him back. I don't know if God is talking to me or if it's Satan trying to deceive me again. My husband shows absolutely no remorse for his actions and does not show any concern for me whatsoever. I have no reason to believe that my marriage will survive this. Please pray that I will be able to differentiate the difference between God's instructions and Satan's deception. I am weak, tired, and emotionally and physically drained. I gave it all I had to try to keep my marriage together but I was the only one trying. I can't go through that again. I also need prayers regarding being able to keep my home. I've worked hard to keep it this long. I don't want to lose it because my husband did not respect me or our marriage and lied about where the money was going. Thank you all for the prayers. May God hear each of your prayers and bless you with more than you could ever imagine possible.

Prayer for healing and salvation

August 18, 2014

Please pray for my Uncle James. He is fighting Lymphoma for the second time. He is not saved. I pray every day for his salvation, but I know more prayers can help. Thank you!

Deliverance and salvation

August 16, 2014

Please pray for Jeremy's salvation and warnell's deliverance from homosexuality and salvation.

The Truth

August 16, 2014

dear God, It has been 5 months now, been a smooth ride no problems with my other 'friends'. The only thing I am asking for is the truth about my demise, why and who was behind it.. The only thing I got was a lame apology. I did the same thing before my court mess, I got destroyed over it. But, this whole mess leads me to the speculation of one person, her first initial is "A", if she won't tell me anything, she's a coward. Just want the truth on this that all, so I won't worry about it no more. I am mad, I got every right to be. It's in Gods hands of what he wants to do with my 'friendship' with them. I just pray HE gives me the right answers and the truth. That's all I ask! In Jesus name, AMEN. - jason


August 26, 2014

I have a lump on my thyroid. I'm scheduled for a biopsy on September 8th. Please pray it's benign.

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