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Need prayers to face huge battles this week....

October 19, 2014

Dear all, Please continue to pray for me and my family . I am in a HUGE financial crisis, I need an urgent financial miracle. I want to be debt-free. Please pray that my creditors, namely, SF, Benson, YY Joeline, AY will stop to threaten, stress and harass me and my family. They are very nasty and refused to listen to me. Please pray that God will touch their hearts, soften them and they are willing to give me time. Also, there is a case took up by Benson against my sister who is my guarantor, please pray that the case (to attend Court on 23 October 2014) will be closed miraculously.(attending Court will affect my sister's work and she will be fired). I really need all of you to pray for me, I am desperately in need of prayers. Thanks to those who have prayed for me and sent me encouragement notes, I really appreciated it. God Bless you all!

Break Adultery Spirits/Ungodly Soulties/Pray for husband to come back to the lord

October 18, 2014

Please pray my husband gets conviction of adultery and break all ungodly soul ties with these women my husband is involved with, stand with me in pray for a wall of division to come between him and them and pray they have repulse for each other. Pray my husband doesn't rest until he repents and turns back to the lord. i need strength and a word in this. Please stand with me in prayer. Thank you

Lord, help me to have a happy marriage

October 17, 2014

Please pray for me and my family, I need God to touch my wife's heart, soften her and increase her faith, take away all her temper , unhappiness, anger and ego. I want to have a Happy marriage and be a blessing to others. Please also pray for me that our 2 children will be obedient and be a Chris-like Christian.

Thank God

October 16, 2014

I have needs too but today I choose to thank god, believe, have faith,hope and love from God. Instead of wanting thank him because God has it all in control. When we get in a rut he's teaching us something----stop, pray and listen. We get prayers answered in his time not our time or he has a much better plan that what we want, God wants us to have the best. Bless you all. God loves you.

Need God's Power to Move

October 16, 2014

God has blessed me with a wonderful Godly man that I will marry in 3 weeks, then move to Nashville to join in his ministry. I have a great house here, a true blessing from God, but now I desperately need to sell it. Please pray that God will very quickly send the right buyer with the right offer. Please also pray for God's perfect peace to fill me while I wait. Thank you and God bless.

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