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August 08, 2014

I was recently forced into retirement but I knew SS would not support me. As of now I haven't found any other work, though I have applied, please pray that i receive the money I need to pay my bills for the month which will come to approx $1,000, thank you.

prayer for a friend

August 09, 2014

Please pray for a friend and brother in Christ as he struggles with alcohol addiction. He has been sober for years , however Satan is tempting him again with the lies concerning his addiction. Pray that God will give Him strength to resist Satan and he will stand firm on God's word rebuking Satan.

My son...

August 09, 2014

My son and his wife are being evicted. They have only a couple of days left to be where they are. He is just starting a new job but will not have any more for a couple of week. They have both been unemployed for a while now. They are both Christians and have praised God through all of this. Is is coming down to the wire. His dad will not help, My husband will not allow me to help or he will leave me. I have family that could help temporarily but will not due to past circumsances that have not all been my son's fault. Please pray that God will open heart to help so they don't end up on the streets. He will be working out of town and would have to leave his wife alone. Whether it be his dad, my husband, or my dad and stepmom or brother, please pray for someone to see that they need help. He is on probation and being homeless violates that. He could get back on his feet after working for a short time if only somone will step in briefly. God please let someone see that he is a changed man through God...he is a recovering addict for 1 1/2 years only through God's mercy and grace. I am stressed. We have just lost my grandfather and now have a sick grandmother. The stress is wearing on me too. Pray for God to open hearts and minds and get him this chance so he can prove himself. THANK YOU!


August 08, 2014

My life is a mess I know god has a plan to bring it all back together for me I just have to hold on and be strong! Please pray for strength and understanding. Please pray the man I love and I find away back to one another he is the only man that has ever respected me. Thank you


August 07, 2014

I'm asking for prayer for my niece, Sierra. She's 10 years old and suffers from Crohn's disease. She was admitted to Palmetto Health's Children's Hospital last night with very high fever, severe abdominal pain and vomiting blood. Please pray for her and my sister, Sandy. Thank you, and God bless you.

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