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RE: Indiana Trip **Jdawg**

May 17, 2016

I don't need NO ONE to decide who i communicate with or decide who my friends should be. PERIOD... -JasonJ**Jdawg**

Indiana Trip **Jdawg**

May 17, 2016

My trip is in 2 weeks from today. I've already told my 'other' friends goodbye. Told them my thoughts on everything. Nothing has happened, nothing will. I got me a piece of evidence that this was all a LIE that I will use in court, IF NEEDED. God knows another issue that will be discussed with my sis. Pray all goes well with that. ALso, will be visiting a ole classmate of mine, have'nt seen him since we graduated in 1990. So, please pray for me. -JasonJ**Jdawg**

Breakthrough in my finances

May 17, 2016

Father God , i ask you a urgent intervention from your mighty hand , from your abiding merciful heart , intervene in my financial situation nowadays , i want to be met with your goodness as always you do with me , i want tangible miraculous deed in this aspect , nowadays , please Lord , give your angels charge over me because you are my provider , your name is Jehovah Jeirah , I ask you in the name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ ... Amen

Lead and Guide me Lord

May 16, 2016

My dear Father in Heaven , I come to you in Jesus name , to ask you guidance from your Holy Spirit , Guide me in all aspect of my life , i need your light to show me the way always , talk to me in many different clear ways , talk to me even in the night dreams , i want your guiding voice to surround me and overwhelm me totally , recommend your angels to take charge over me because you are Lord of hosts , recommend your angels always to show me the right and fruitful way in every thing the way where i find you always waiting me in it , the way which please your heart towards me , Fill my life with miracles and wonders i want the following wonders and miracles in my ministry , bless my life more and more spiritually , financially , socially and practically .. In Jesus name i ask you to bring me the desire of my heart and to remove all the hindrances and obstacles , Support me to overcome every challenge in my way and life .. I know you will answer my request .. In Jesus name ..

they should all go leaving everything permanently to india

May 14, 2016

please pray that those who have seperated my daughter from me and have taken her away from me they should leave and return to india permanently and urgently and my daughter to leave to india too that those who took her away from us theoir connections should break and they should never live in uae . as they have disturbed and broken my home adviceing her and tutoring her against me , change my daughter and make her releaise that she was wrong to hurt us.that she too will go for no return that whole family will be forever in india even the boy from iraq will have to leave his job and settle forever in india. comfort uslord. give us peace and happiness that we my husband and me get more connected to u.seperat my daughter from them too

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