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Desperate for you, Father.....

April 24, 2014

Heavenly Father, I am coming to you this morning to ask for your favor. Papa, you have promised to supply my every need. You have also promised that when two or more touch and agree on ANYTHING, whatever we ask for it shall be done. I am coming to you once again to ask that you remember these promises and come to my aid today. You have promised me a home and everything I need for that home in two different dreams. I claim, accept, and receive that gift from my dreams, in Jesus' name. And I thank you so, so much for your generosity and unconditional love. I love you, Papa. Please bring a miracle today.

obstainate wife

April 23, 2014

I was talking to God and I told him, that you never give your heart to a woman, fully, they will cheat eventually, they are so disinterested in sex, even when you treat them like a queen, they don't stand by you even when you make stupid choices, even when you put them first, they still reject you. They aren't loyal, cant trust them marriage and sex is a joke, most love to divorce ,like most marriages fail. A women wont fight for her marriage, when they hurt they move on. Women will find another man, with more money, bigger package, nice looks, smart, and maybe just maybe hes trying to walk with Jesus. I told God Im sorry I feel this way towards my Obstinate wife and other women, Im a real Christian and I tell the truth from my heart, sorry I offend people, I need prayers because for 6yrs I have been separated from my wife, cant even finish the story.

Dad had a massive heart attack

April 23, 2014

My Daddy had a massive heart attack on Monday. We are still waiting on my dad's heart rate to regulate. They tried to take him off th vent and he didn't respond well. He's in AFIB and we need I regulated. We are all tired and want my Daddy home with us. Thank you for prayers

financial need/or will be homeless

April 23, 2014

i am working a part time job but unless this financial need of 700.00 is met by May 10, 2014 i will be homeless.

prayers for our son Dillon

April 23, 2014

Please prayer for our 18yr old son Dillon. He went to the ER with chest pain. His EKG came back abnormal.the biatrial valves on his heart are enlarged. He is at the Cardiologist now. I know God is in control. But we need prayers. Thank you

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