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Heal hernia on lower mid right side to return to it's normal position better than ever.

August 19, 2015

Please unite with me for healing of a hernia a quarter size big so far, perturding outward in a big way and visible. May it heal, return to it's place and be better than ever with God's healing touch. I can not afford to even pay a office visit or deductible much less a surgery. Continue to keep this in prayer please.


August 23, 2015

Please pray for my wife's heart to return to the Lord. She is holding on to past resentments with me and has walked away from our marriage and her faith.

Continue to be inagreement

August 20, 2015

Thank you for your prayers that I be reinstated in employment for a job of the same status, pay or increase, of the previous federal position I held, in Jesus name.

11 Months old needs Chemo

August 20, 2015

Need on-going prayers desperately for our family! Our cousin just informed us that her son has a Yolk Cell Tumor- it is benign, but it is growing so fast and possibly may spread. He is 11 months old and had surgery to remove this same type tumor when he was born. It has come back. They will start chemo on him and hope for the best and after chemo, they will likely do surgery to remove it. His mother is in very high spirits, and we do all feel like this path will resolve everything, and plus the surgeon is the top in the nation for this type tumor! Lots of pluses, but its just awful, anytime little ones get sick!! May God please hold this baby in his hands and resolve this issue once and for all! TY all!

Miracles needed

August 20, 2015

I am continuing to pray over two prayer requests. 1. The Lord came to me in two dreams in Nov. 2013 and promised me a specific amount of money for a specific home and furniture. (He showed me the home and even the real estate agent.) 2. For my disability to be approved (been waiting for almost 3 years.) I am asking for one person to stand in agreement with me over these two requests. God bless you.

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