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Miracles needed

August 20, 2015

I am continuing to pray over two prayer requests. 1. The Lord came to me in two dreams in Nov. 2013 and promised me a specific amount of money for a specific home and furniture. (He showed me the home and even the real estate agent.) 2. For my disability to be approved (been waiting for almost 3 years.) I am asking for one person to stand in agreement with me over these two requests. God bless you.

Heal hernia on lower mid right side to return to it's normal position better than ever.

August 19, 2015

Please unite with me for healing of a hernia a quarter size big so far, perturding outward in a big way and visible. May it heal, return to it's place and be better than ever with God's healing touch. I can not afford to even pay a office visit or deductible much less a surgery. Continue to keep this in prayer please.

Please pray!!!

August 17, 2015

I am feeling completely hurt tonight.. .My best friend (the whole reason for me moving to Virginia) is moving away :'( He has been there for me, for everything. He inspires me to keep going for a good job etc :'(... He knows I have been in bad need of place... His place will be available.. However, he is moving out on the 29th and the Landlord wants the money on the 29th... I mentioned that I will have most of it and can have the other $200 on the 5th... Which is only like 8 days later... He asked his Landlord and he said no... He wants it all on the 29th... Please pray that God will send someone who can help me with the $200... I will definitely be able to pay the person back on the 5th... :'( This is a life changing thing for me. I wont be able to find a deal like this again... I am devastated my friend is leaving :'( Please please pray that God will send someone to help me!

Prayer for Hope

August 17, 2015

Heavenly Father, It is rare that I come to you and ask anything for myself, I typically only come to you with prayers thanks and gratitude for all of the blessings in my life. But I am finding myself loosing a little hope at this time. I am a single mother, a real estate agent and a survivor of a past traumatic time. I'm not sure what I am asking for beyond hope... I was working full time, doing well, supporting myself and my child and I saved well... But as I am now using our savings I find myself a little distressed. I'm not asking necessarily for a financial miracle- I'm certain I have the ability to make that happen. I am asking for my hope to be replinised as it has slightly waned; enough for me to ask for a little help at this time. Lord, please hear my prayer.

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