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April 15, 2014

Praise God. I got the new job I was interviewed for. Started it on Monday. Please continue to pray forme as I embark on this new chapter in my life. Praise be to God and I give Him all the glory. And a big Thank You to all of the Prayer Warriors that prayed for me. Thank you Zgod Amen and Amen


April 15, 2014

We are still in need of job/s. Husband been unemployed since June of last year. Have had interviews, etc. and still nothing. We are both very discouraged. We are in dire need---don't know how bills will be paid this month. He does have a little job, but not making enough to meet bills. We have done all we know to do and still nothing. Feel we are not hearing from the Lord either. Hard to encourage each other because we both feel the same way. Please, any help would be appreciated.


April 15, 2014

Father, I just want to come to you this morning and tell you how sorry I am for always praying for my needs, especially on this site, and forgetting to pray for others. I have become so blinded by "tunnel vision" and having a pity party for myself that I have not put the needs of others first. I am truly sorry for that. Please forgive me. I love you and I know you will provide for me. You have promised to supply all of my needs. You came to me in two dreams and promised to give me a home and what I need to furnish it. And I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving Heavenly Father. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I love you, Daddy.

family prayer request

April 14, 2014

Our family is having trouble letting our son go to boy scout camp for a week this summer because we worry so much about him. Pray we will come up with some kind of solution that is appropriate for our son and for his father.

Please pray

April 10, 2014

Please pray for me... my whole soul and whole spirit is keep snatched away and lost..taken to someone every day..can;t even look at the computer or phone...eben all the blessings gifts mind heart soul.crowns....whole me is keep taken to someone else..even for my parents and my brother..need you prayers,,, I totally in lost...please ask GOd for mercy and pray for healing and restoration and please ask God to delete from them completely also..

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