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Going back home..

November 22, 2015

Dear PW's, I am thinking about going back home to Indiana maybe next Spring or Summer. My sis and her family are coming to TN to visit for Thanksgiving, this is one issue that will be addressed. Please pray for strength and the right things to say and answers. I just want to get away from stupid person legal issues and want to be closer to family! I do pray everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with there families. -JasonJ *Jdawg*

Prayers needed

November 22, 2015

I need prayers. My heart is so broken. I am broken and I need a miracle right now. I don't even know what to pray. Jesus I need you. I need your strength, peace, comfort and help.

Just Lost, Desperate, Need Prayers

November 13, 2015

Lord, I am asking that you be present in my life and circumstances. My husband says he loves me but we can not seem to get along. We have a lot of stresses between us, as usual I feel that we can push through but I guess he can't. We have two small children, we are having serious financial problems and Lord I am tired. Lord, I have been praying for my marriage our difficulties, praying for your intervention, praying for miracles for some time and it seems like things have gotten horribly worse. We prayed for the first time as a family and not 15 minutes later my husband asked for a divorce. Lord I'm just tired, I want peace in my life and in my marriage Lord. If it is your will please be present. Please Lord, cover my marriage, my family and our finances with your grace, shield us Lord. Make ways for us Lord, please remove our mountains. What you have put together let no man put asunder. Please Lord, show me a kindness and release some of my burdens.

1 Timothy 2v1-5

November 18, 2015

Please pray for me. I am either severly backslidden and need to repent and return to The LORD, or I am just not saved and need to repent and believe The Gospel. I have fallen back into homosexuality, idolatry, carnality, friendship with the world, and all other manner of wickedness. Please pray for my deliverance from homosexuality and any and all satanic strongholds and demonic bondages. Please pray for godly sorrow to flood my heart, mind, body, and soul. Please pray that I have a broken heart and a humble and contrite spirit. Please pray for humility for me. Please pray for my repentance toward God and faith toward The Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for The LORD to restore me unto himself like He did with Peter or like The Father did with The Prodigal Son. If I am wrong and am not but backslidden but am infact not saved please pray for my salvation. Thank you all for praying for me in the past. God bless you.- R.C.

Prayer for Broken Friendships...

November 10, 2015

I pray for all friendships that have been broken due to lies and manipulation. I pray you all have the strength to move on from it. Stand tall, stand strong. Let them block you from there life and on facebook, easiest thing to do. I will keep praying for mine, I will keep praying that they learn my innocence that I am NOT what they made me out to be. I will keep praying if it takes another 5 years. I don't need this in my life, I don't need people like that in my life..PERIOD. Let them believe what they wish to believe. Just keep moving on. IJNIP..AMEN! -JasonJ *JDAWG*

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