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My heart

June 21, 2015

Lord I am praying fasting and believing you will continue to change me into the godly woman you have called me to be

Need your prayers to stop all the life threats, Tks

June 18, 2015

Dear all,, I need all of you to pray for me very urgently. Due to financial difficulties,I have no choice but to get some loans from some illegal money lenders last month. After paying them for a month, I have to default my payments due to the high interest and I have no more money left in my account . The money lenders started to send me life threats and nasty messages. They also threatened to spray paint on my house door and also my neighbours, send letters to all my neighbours etc. I have made a police report but the Police said that only when something happens then they can take action as they do not have the manpower to standby 24 hours to handle the case. I spotted some suspicious person and called the police but by the time the police arrived, those suspects already went missing. I am living in fear now, Please, I beg all of you to pay for me urgently that God will send Angels to protect me and my family and also my neighbours, I need miracle that the money lend ers are not able to do ANY nasty things to me and my family. I need a financial miracle urgently. Only Thanks in advance for praying!


June 15, 2015

My Dear Heavenly Father i ask you in Jesus beloved name to Bless me financially this month my Lord , make untold miraculous financial breakthrough this month , in Jesus name , i believe from the depth of my heart that you want to make financial miracle with me Lord , i believe that your heart want to cherish me and enjoying me in all aspects and specially financially , do it this month please , praise you God in the mighty name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen , Isaac

please stand in agreement in speaking this into existance

June 15, 2015

Please stand with me on Romans 4;17 calling the things that be not as though they were. Thank you Jesus that my husband loves you and me like Christ loves the church. A three fold cord is not easily broken (ecc 4:12). My marriage is restored in Jesus Name. My husband hears and obeys to the holy spirit. The Love of Jesus Penetrates his heart and brings him to full repentance(Romans 2:4) He is coming home and treats me right in Jesus name. Please stand with me for breakthrough in all areas and for him and I to gain gods wisdom and understanding in Jesus precious name,

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