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Loss of Hope...Guilt...Shame

July 19, 2015

Thank you for reading my payer request. I am in debt over 200K for years. I am so overwhelmed. I went to a Dave Ramsey teacher 3 yrs ago to get a plan to attack this and I haven't executed the plan fully due to loss of hope, taking care of others. I also loss hope of ever loosing weight and getting healthy. I start things and I don't finish. I believe it is lack of faith in myself. I take care of others and don't take care of myself. I am asking prayer that I can get back on my plans of financial freedom and better health. I know prayer works and I truly appreciate those who are willing to pray for me. God Bless You.

Reqeust for His work

July 19, 2015

Pray for my wife who is struggling with our marriage. Pray that she would open her heart up to God's will and have the discernment to know the difference between worldly advice and Godly advice.

Miracle needed

July 28, 2015

Asking prayer for a man named Tommy Taylor, who is uncontrolled high blood pressure and has an experimental implant that has saved his life. The implant is about to die, and Tommy needs a replacement. But it costs $100,000 because his insurance (Medicare) won't pay for it. He's had some donors to give, but it's still not enough. Please pray for this money to be raised so that he can have this device replaced and save his life. Here is a news article about Tommy:

Losing Weight

July 27, 2015

Stand with me in agreement in prayer for losing weight , i am trying to lose weight and succeeded a little but my body doesn't response properly like past , i believe we can praying for anything , i need to lose weight to keep my body healthy for the glory of God and for the work of the kingdom , so i believe that God will make a miracle in this area , i submit my metabolic system , my glands , my digestive system , my brain to the heavenly order for losing weight rapidly , in Jesus mighty name

Please stand in agreement with me

July 24, 2015

The Lord came to me in a dream and promised me the money for a home and furniture. I am asking for just one person to stand in agreement with me for this to be released to me so I can buy my home. Also, I am praying that my disability is approved today, as I have been without an income for almost 3 months now (long-term disability ended; been out of work for almost 3 years). God bless you.

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