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September 16, 2016

Another dear friend just passed away.

Urgent prayer help needed

September 15, 2016

Please pray for the protection of someone who is in danger that the mercy of God rescue them from harm and deliver them from the hands of their enemies. I pray and ask God please save the life of this person. Save them from this whole ordeal. Please they need you God. Amen.


September 15, 2016

In need of prayer. Very broken. In the last 7 years I've lost the only job I ever loved. More than half my income. My dog, two cats. Home, car. Health. This year alone 10 friends have died. I can't take this struggle any more. I shake all the time. I don't understand.

Blessings from God for a Godly Husband

September 14, 2016

Please pray that my future husband is the man that pursues me and is the one who asks me out on a date and the one who gives me my first kiss. I never been kissed and never been on a date. Pray that God blesses me with my Godly husband soon and my first kiss and first date.

Fleshly Desires

September 14, 2016

Please pray for me as I am having a hard time on focusing on God only because I am focusing on all of my fleshly desires. I keep focusing on my first kiss, kissing, marriage, my future husband, sex, and my first date. I am trying so hard to just want God more than my fleshly desires of wanting my first kiss so bad just so I know what kissing feels like. It is so hard when keep thinking about what is going to make my flesh happy instead of just putting all of my focus on God and wanting God above my desires and putting God first in my life. It is a huge struggle for me. I want to want God more than anything in this world.

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