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Gods will for re-newed Friendship...

April 09, 2014

I know I've got some friends praying for me. I really don't want it! I just want to stay on this path that God has got me on. If they want my friendship again, they'll have to do a lot of explaining to my parents (all parties involved), it's up to them. It's Gods will on what to do with our friendship. As of right now, I don't want it. My heart is telling me that & God is telling me that. Please God keep me on the right road. -jason

Mom's left eye.

April 09, 2014

Abba father; I your daughter asks you that you make the shot in moms left eye work against the macular in her left eye. Mom is precious to me and the sole care giver to my almost 95 year old very forgetful dad. They live at the Lowman home and I live in Cola. Thanks in advance for your answer. In Jesus name Karen prays. Amen

Please pray we will adopt our daughter. Thank you!

April 09, 2014

I am writing to ask prayer for our foster daughter who we've had since she was 3 days old. She's almost 11 months old now. We are the only parents she's known, however her birth-parents like the care we've given her, and her birth-mother has expressed a desire she stays with us if they cannot get their lives in order. We love this baby very much. A petition for her has been filed from another family member. Friends of their family warned this would be bad for the baby. Please pray we will adopt her. Thanks.

Walking Into a Spider Web...

April 06, 2014

dear lord, why do I get the feeling i'm being weeved into a spider web? I just have a feeling my "friends" are trying to contact me & wanting me back in. i also feel they've been praying for me, call me selfish, i don't need there prayers. they need to know it's 2 years to late for me come back. i just want to stay out & not get myself in this mess again. You know my story God. They kept me away for 2 years for something beyond my control & something i did not do & you know i have not done nothing to them. I want to stay out. I just ask you God to help me stay out & keep me safe, I don't want to get in trouble no more with the law. Thank you God for keeping me on the right path & the right road! AMEN! -jason

Salvation and Stress

April 03, 2014

Please continue praying for my friend SML and his salvation. I understand his mom is a Christian and has tried to encourage him but he has pulled away. He and I don't talk much like we use to and I am not sure what all is going on. I know he is under a lot of stress at work and that is making him physically sick. Please pray with me that God would provide the opportunity and words to share with him God's love. I am so thankful for those that have prayed and sent messages letting me know there are prayer warriors out there lifting up our request. May God bless and keep each of you and thank you so much! Most gracious heavenly father thank you for the gift of another day to love honor and serve you. Please keep our hearts and minds focused on you. Please continue to bring to mind things in my life that I need to change to make me more like you. I pray these thing in your name, Amen.

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