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Ok....How About This...JasonJ**Jdawg**

August 18, 2016

I was thinking, since you guys want me gone so badly. I can meet you in a dark field or somewhere. You guys can kill me. Bash in my brains, bash in my face, then throw my body in a body of water somewhere. Since you did'nt get the job done in 2013 to get rid of me. I'm open to this suggestion. What do I need to do to come clean with you all? Why do you have to hide in your caves? I would like to know what sparked this scandal? I would like to know...what have I done. You guys keep pushing me back. Is it cause I know the truth? If you have a REAL problem with me, I would like to know about it. What is it gonna be? -JasonJ**Jdawg**

Opening the doors for mariage

August 14, 2016

Please Share me in prayer regarding a relationship between me and a good believer girl , she struggles with some kind of insecurity and fear from marriage , she is afraid of being outside God's will , this fear magnified in her life in so much as she don't want to marry , pray that God open her heart towards this step , and pray that God lead our relationship together , and open the channels of understanding and harmony , and pray that God give me a grace in her eyes , in Jesus mighty name , Amen

My Future Husband

August 19, 2016

Please pray for me and my future husband. Pray that God brings us together soon. Pray that God brings the right man into my life. I am 26, never had a boyfriend, never had my first kiss or been on a date or had sex still a virgin waiting for my wedding night. I desire marriage being a wife and a mom. I feel like God has forgotten about me. I feel like God doesn't want me to ever get married, have my first kiss, go on my first date, have sex, be a wife and a mom or ever have a baby. I feel like it will never happen to me. I can't wait for my first kiss and to know what it feels like. I feel like God doesn't want me to be happy and doesn't want me to have my first kiss. Having my first kiss is a strong desire of my heart right now and it is burning in my heart and it still hasn't happened to me yet. Why am I 26 and never been kissed? Why is God having me waiting for a long time? I hope my first kiss will be special and worth the wait. I can't wait for my wedding night to finally have sex with my future husband. It is hard being a virgin waiting for sex when I have a strong desire to have sex. I hope sex will be a wonderful feeling and so special on my wedding night. 26 years is a long time to keep waiting and don't understand what God is doing in my life.

Back to school Monday

August 20, 2016

LordGod its my last semester and may all go smoothly, they put a hold on a grant tuition may it be resolved and lifted so that all falls into place.

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